7 Fun Things To Do With Your Lover In Lagos


With several must-see attractions, exotic beaches, some of the best hotels in the world and an enviable nightlife, Lagos city offers you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

If you live in Lagos or you are just visiting with your boo, below are some fun things you guys can do together to build intimacy.

1. Attend concerts

Lagos plays host to several mega concerts, its mostly hard to keep up. If you are looking for fun and excitement, here is an opportunity to confirm the saying “there ain’t no party like a lagos party”. You will find some of Africa’s biggest music stars and celebrities performing at most of these concerts, especially during the festive period and holidays.
Multi-award winning artistes and A-list celebrities are ready to thrill fun seeker. “One Lagos Fiesta”, “Lagos Mainland Concert” and “Live in Lagos concert” are some of the biggest concerts held annually in Lagos. Join other fun seekers yelling their favorite musical lyrics at the top of their voice.
From musical performances to fashion exhibitions and visual arts, many of these events offer something for everyone.

2. Visit resorts

Lagos is known for its beach resorts. They serve as an ideal getaway from the hassle and bustle of daily life in the city. There are several beautiful beach resorts in Lagos perfect as holiday destinations and romantic getaways.
At beach resorts in Lagos, you can engage in exciting fun activities like beach football, canoeing, beach volleyball, hiking, swimming, fishing and horse riding.
Some popular resorts are Inagbe Grand Resort, Epe Resort, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, Atican Beach Resort, Eko Tourist Resort, Chaka Resort, Lekki Beach Resort and Whispering Palms Resort.

3. Visit Art galleries

Visit any of the art galleries in Lagos and find various pieces of art works by amazingly talented Nigerian artists, some of who have garnered international recognition.
With the rise in number of new art galleries popping up in Lagos, every art enthusiast will have the opportunity to see a fine selection art works from both established and emerging contemporary Nigerian and international artists.
Rele Art Gallery, Alexis Art Gallery, Nike Art Gallery, Red Door Gallery, Rashad Art Gallery, Nimbus Gallery, Negro Art Gallery, Omenka Gallery, Nkem Gallery, Mydrim Gallery, Monsoon Gallery of Art, Art Twenty One Gallery and Terra Kulture.

4. Explore HI Imapact Planet Lagos

Visit Hi Impact Planet, an amusement park and resort located on the outskirts of Lagos. It is a spectacular themed park that lies on a large area of about 185,000 acres of land space with all the facilities needed to have an exciting time.
The facilities at the amusement pack range from over 60 exotic rides to animation studios and water-mania. You can also enjoy games like table soccer, bowling and snookers. Watch movies in the 12D cinema, enjoy indoor games and fly in the 10-seater Hi-Impact air plane. A visit to the park promises to be so much fun.

5. Go Kayaking

If you are looking for things to occupy yourself in Lagos other than the night life, kayaking is perfect for you. See the bustling metropolis from another angle and take advantage of its shoreline for public enjoyment and relaxation. There is a brief tutorial available for first timers. Kayaking is a refreshingly different way to spend time in the city of Lagos.

6. Museums

Discover the remarkable history of Nigeria and its people by visiting any of the museums in Lagos.
Museums are the perfect place to best experience Nigeria’s history, art and culture. Visit any of these museums for a quick burst of culture and entertainment.
Find a notable collection of arts, ancient wonders, archeological and ethnographic exhibits from across Nigeria. See beautiful carvings, historical statues and monuments.
Some of the major historical museums in Lagos are; The Legacy Nigerian Railway Museum, Nigerian National Museum, Lagos, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lagos, Didi Museum, Kalakuta Republic Museum, Black Heritage Museum, Badagry, Awolowo’s Prison Home and others.

7. Boat picnics

A boat picnic epitomizes the saying “Time spent on water is time well spent” and food just seem to taste better when its eaten outside. Picnic Boat Lagos offers a traditional yet relaxing cruising experience. Enjoy the scenic views, the aquatic splendor and experience the unique tranquility that envelops you from the moment you step on board.


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