5 Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your Lipstick


Many people- men and women alike are of the opinion that there  is really no benefit of wearing lipstick asides fashion. But we tell you today that is a big myth.
Lipstick does so much more for women and  after reading these benefits, you will rush out to buy yourself a new one.
Below are some benefits of wearing lipstick

1. Sun protection.

Lips can get sunburned just like the rest of your skin. In fact, they’re more vulnerable to the sun’s rays because there is no melanin (the compound that protects skin from the sun) in your lips.
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2. Defines the face

Lipstick can make your lips appear fuller. But the mouth isn’t the only facial feature it helps to define. A pop of color on the bottom of your face makes the pop of color on top—your eyes—look bigger and more defined.

3. Posture.

Studies have shown that women who regularly wear lipstick have better posture than those who don’t. A study by L’Oreal revealed that the small act of “stretching” to put on lipstick improves balance and coordination, and thereby makes you stand taller.

4. Hydration

Even though some older brands of lipsticks use ingredients that can suck moisture from you lips, most of them are very conscientious about hydration and are made to preserve the natural state of your lips. New brands of lipstick can often contain some form of moisturizing additive, such as vitamin E or aloe vera.

5. Beauty/confidence

No matter what style of lip color you prefer (sharp, bold and dramatic colors, or more natural and subdued shades that can be subtle), you will instantly feel more beautiful. If your goal is to stand out in the crowd, be more beautiful, or you simply need a boost in your confidence, lipstick is a perfect fashion tool for you.


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