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Top 10 motivational quotes

Your thoughts can change the perception to deal with the various situations of life. Life is surely not smooth like a straight line rather it is full of ups and downs. We sink in grief at one time and dance in joy in another moment.
Unfortunately, many fail to deal with the odd time of life. Depression, dullness, helpless, loneliness, etc. are the words with the person seem to be surrounded. No matter how big is your problem, it’s never new. Someone has already faced the situation like this.
We always get attracted and inspired with the people who successfully win the odd situations and they are known as leaders of life. They are true winners; their name becomes synonym of motivation.
Here I present top 10 motivational quotes from the leaders of life which I like the most and believe in them. I recommend you to read them with full feel. Such thoughts are greatest enemy of all negative thoughts somehow emerged in you.

Trust me at least one of the thought is only for you. Tell me which one is best suited for you.

Do not stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.
-Sachin Tendulkar

If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small
-Azim Prem ji

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts lives; they travel far.
-Swami Vivekanand

Difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are difficult
-APJ Abdul Kalam

I work hard and I do good and I am going to enjoy myself. I am not going to let you restrict me.
-Usain Bolt

If you love life don’t waste time, for time is what life is made of.
-bruce Lee

If we want to reach the real peace in this world, we should start educating children
-Mahatma Gandhi

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.
-Steve Jobs

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think
-Albert Einstein

A day without laughter is a day wasted
-Charlie Chaplin


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