#MeToo: 5 Nigerian Sexual Abuse Survivors Share Their Stories


The #Metoo movement, a viral hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment of women, has played a major role in the ‘speaking out’ development.

In Nigeria, where many victims suffer in silence, the women are using the opportunity to tell their horror stories. Here are a few of the stories below.

1. Brenda Uphopho

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Brenda, a  festival producer from Lagos is one of the five women who shared their sexual abuse stories with CNN.
According to her, she was assaulted three times by three different men but she never found the nerve to tell anyone until it was dawn on her that her teenage daughter was fast growing up in the same world that soiled her purity.
Watch Video of her talk below

2.  Eurel Nwafor

The 22-year-old said she was raped in August 2017 after some opposition union members stormed her former place of work.
She was working as a personal assistant at a market in Lagos at the time of the incident. We have her video below

3. Chichi Ogbonnaya

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Chichi, another victim, was defiled at 10 years old by an ‘uncle’. Ogbonnaya was sent to live with the man by her mother, who could not afford to take care of her.

4. Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi

#MeToo: Meet the female sexual abuse survivors speaking out it Nigeria (photos/videos)
In 2010, young Seun now 27, was working as a volunteer in a local election when she was asked to register underage voters. Her refusal to carry out the illegal request landed her in trouble.
She said one of the candidates in the election tried to make her juicy offers just to make her budge which led to the unfortunate situation.

5. Omodasola Omibeku

At age 6 years old, another victim, Omodasola was first abused by a distant relative.
The man lived with them in her family house, which she said was full of “aunties and uncles, some not even blood relatives.” We have her video below.


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