Exclusive Interview With Inventor and Innovator Stanley Anigbogu(inventor of the Mosquito Magnet)

Exclusive Interview With Inventor and Innovator Stanley Anigbogu(inventor of the Mosquito Magnet)

Inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator Stanley Anigbogu is a multi-tasking extraordinaire.  R.J. is the CEO of GoGreen Africa  and inventor of the Mosquito Magnet®.


Stanley Anigbogu graciously agreed to an interview to share his  story and inventive passion, as well as their combined experience developing his innovation and entrepreneurial journey.  I hope you enjoy meeting him as much as I did!




Ekemode Seun: What made you have interest in your inventions?


Anigbogu Stanley:  i started becoming more amazed at what i could achieve as innovator, i became passionate with find solutions to problems in energy , agriculture ,heath and the ecosystem. i started of knowing little about tech and innovation but  with time my knowledge on innovation keeps grow with the amount of energy i put in grow. Won my state innovation challenge that occurs every year, made me more hungry for success.  What drives me the most is my ability to make change and create impact where ever i go .


Ekemode Seun: When did you first become interested in your field?


anigbogu Stanley: Always believed in a better world, where there is peace and joy where we all live to make impact and make our planet  better.  Because of this believe and the passion I have burning inside me,I came to understand to change the world you have to start with changing yourself family,society,country then the world.Found out the best way to make impact is by identifying the problems the world has and finding solutions to them,at that point you have made an impact.

Discovering my talent,skill set was the first step.Am creative,innovative and science inclined,Always had a drive towards my environment so i decided to find the problems in my society, finding out almost 2.4 million people dies from malaria globally every year. so i deceived to find a solution to this problem .


Ekemode Seun: What is your favourite part of being an inventor ?

anigbogu Stanley: Well my favorite part in being an innovator ,is defiantly the joy of seeing a mare imagination you had come to reality ,knowing that one day your idea will change the world . The fun that comes along with it is also amazing.


Ekemode Seun:  What is the typical day like for you as an inventor ?

anigbogu Stanley: Well every innovator always has a tight schedule , but basically to innovate you have to  be imaginative and creative

Ekemode Seun: What is your advice for upcoming inventor ?

anigbogu Stanley: My advice to every young innovator out there no matter where you are , what you have or who you are never give up on your ideas and dreams . Make impact and change the world around you with your dreams .This means you have to involve your self in activities that keeps your mind open to ideas . basically a typical innovators day is amazing because you learn everyday .#






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