The Nuremberg, Germany incident would have been avoided,one yam festival is not done in a hall,is an open space festival, how many of the organizers has a yam farm,was the purpose for tourism, how does it generate revenue for the south east? It would have being more resourceful to organise the new yam festival in any part of the south east state and tag it Igbo diaspora new yam festival ENUGU2019 or OWERRI2019 It would have served as a tourism booster to our cultural heritage of Iri ji,Ekeji,Isu ji,etc the returns on investments would have been huge,but because we have a whole lots of people in leadership positions without ideas,we will continue to get this type of embarrassment. Don’t tell us that the purpose of slating the new yam festival in Germany was to attract international audience, we will strongly disagree with you,we have the best of modern ICT to our use,so we can as well run a live program on international TV network to get the targeted audience.
What is so special in celebrating new yam festival in another man’s land?
What are the benefits,what do the organizers stand to gain,wouldn’t it have being more beneficial to call of the celebration, considering the Fulani herdsmen killings in some parts of the south east?
There is a popular Igbo adage Okorie whose house is burning while he is busy chasing rodent,is seen as a foolish person,are the organizers foolish?
And to those who went as far as attacking the organizers, just to show their pain,are they different from the Fulani herdsmen killing our people?
If they had these strength we all saw they displayed, it would have made more sense to Chanel it towards the unification of the Igbo to enable us fight our common enemy, this ideas of attacking ourselves in a strange land is not the best of strategies to the best of my knowledge, although I stand to be corrected and I know Mazi Nnamdi KANU has never supported the use of violence of any kind in all his approach to the realization of the sovereign state of BIAFRA.
Furthermore, perhaps the organizers of the festival got carried away by how things are done in Nigeria, since they are comfortable with the present Nigeria system, where asses to police is asses to impunity,instead of appealing to their brethren who are carrying out a legitimate protest to see reason with them,rather they resorted to calling in the police…. Let me ask ooh who lost in the whole of that shit and who gain? Is a philosophical question.
Let us stop acting like a defeated people,for united we stand and divided we fall,our common enemies wants to see more of this shameful behavior, we must as a people begin to look inward for the growth, progress,development and security of our people.
Finally, if we are unable to speak with one voice today,we may never be able to speak with one voice tomorrow when the Fulanis finally settles down with us in our land like they are currently doing.Remember, the Fulanis are united because of your resources, you can as well unite because of your heritage.
Forgive your brother, if you must achieve peace,forgive,forgive, forgive and brother learn to show some restraints when in anger.
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