The Africa we live today was never shaped by one entity or ethnic group, it was a collaborative effort of different ethnicities, different religion, different Race and above all from the actions of people we so called foreigners, we built Africa with our blood, sweet and effort, it wasn’t something easy to come by, Africa was instituted through unity and not racial or ethnic segregation, it wasn’t built by discrimination or Xenophobism, instead it was built by acceptance and appreciation of each and every personality irrespective of one’s culture or country.

We are all blacks, that is what we all have as a common identity, that is our driving force, we should be proud of having our brothers around us, we should be happy to share our happiness with them and not find ways of making life difficult for them, we are all surviving in the words of charlse Darwin during the origin of creation however, we need each other to survive.


There is no need to spill a brothers blood with the motive of having our share of the economic dividend, the economy is ours, we create it because of brotherhood and we are meant to enjoy it with the motive of brotherhood, no matter how bad the economy is headed towards, we are all meant to put our hands together to change its course for the sake of being blacks.

Black lives matter they say in the United States but it should matter more in the hands of our fellow black brothers.
Xenophobia is a foreign language, it is never found in any African language, so let’s do away with anything that will link us to it, let’s create a common ground like the days of our ancestors when they rub each other’s black backs together because of the love of Africanism and the colour black.
We have the choice of leading a life where the black colour is more appreciated as a brother and not by discrimination.
Let’s live in peace and harmony with that we can achieve more.
I am Ekemode Damilare Seun, I AM BLACK, I am a Nigerian, I am an African, therefore I am a South African by colour.
Thank you.




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