You can’t be valued with out adding values to others.
The height of values you added to others will always determined their levels of trust they will bestowed on you.
Omoyele Steven Sowore added mental and social values into my life.
I was sentimental and hopeless about Nigeria as a nation, due to the happenings in the past 20years now. Sentimentally I believe the Hausa are Nigeria’s problems, the question is can the Hausa’s carry out any mission without the support of elite from the Easterners, southerners and Westerners? The answer is NO and all this reasons makes me believe there is no hope for Nigeria’s redemption from captivities. when the blessed Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started great Biafra agitation I was thinking he will also see the needs to carry every oppressed Nigeria along. But he didn’t, rather he was furiously calling other tribes names. My hope was lost the more, until Sowore met with MNK the beauty of Biafra to me started coming out to the extends even Hausa’s educated friends of mine love Biafra now than Nigeria state. Thus that meeting lead to the kidnapping of Sowore by the DSS. When
PDP came they rule us as if we the citizens were animals in a zoo, that had no choice of living.
APC used the informations through omoyele Sowore’s expositions of corruption in PDP’s governments lead by Jonathan, to deceived us with the slogans change, today we have change from bad to worst States in Africa. This was why Sowore formed TAKE IT BACK MOVEMENTS that gave birth to AAC AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS. where he (Sowore) contested for Presidential post. Because he believed the only way to change things in Nigeria is to become president of Nigeria, the youths failed to see reasons with him, he lost the election. But he didn’t lose his vision for a better Nigeria, which propelled him to start #Revolution now days of rage with other visionary social activists Core. though the same Sowore exposed plans of the cabals in late president Musa Yaradua’s cabinet’s denial of president Jonathan as president. Because they said he is from minority and the push of Sowore in used of Sahara reporters A.K.A citizens reporters leads to the enthronement of Jonathan as the president.
Sowore will never fight any body except you’re corrupt or
evil against the masses.



Sowore is a fearless fighting activist, that is not sentimental, religions.
All he wants is equality, Justice, fairness and good governance for all.
Some gullible Nigerians said Sowore brought buhari into power and he is looking for appointment, haaaaaa I laughter like okpella man.but
Sowore I known will not and will never receive any appointments from this useless tyrannical government of killers and thieves lead by Buhari.
Some of us are control by what ever the oppressors said to us. Tell me one truth this government of killers and thieves lead by Buhari has ever told us, If not lies.
Because they said Sowore wanted to overthrown their evil governments you believed them. Am sorry for you and your generations.
Even some of us don’t want to identify with Sowore again in our states because of fear of arrests.
No oppressor will ever let the oppressed go without intimidations. Nigeria youths wake up now.
my meeting with Sowore has changed the narrative of hopelessness and sentimentalism in my life.

Comrades don’t be fearful, be bold in speaking the truth. But apply wisdom, something must kill a man and a man must live for something.

Moses Andrew
#free Sowore now
#free all political prisoners




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