How To Treat Your House-Helps To Get The Best From Them

From time immemorial, there have been chilling stories of what house-helps or maids go through in the hands of their ‘Madam’.

In the same vein, we also hear how house-helps left in charge of kids molest and do unimaginable things to them. Some even succeded in abducting and kidnapping their bosses children.

Statistics show that most house helps are underage girls from ages as young as 8 years. These girls are either native Nigerians or brought here from neighbouring countries.

While the government tries to put an end to child labour in this form, successfully ending this trend is not feasible in the nearest future. This is majorly because more and more young families are requiring the assistance of these young helps so that they can take care of domestic chores.

The families of these maids also contribute to the non-feasibility of ending this kind of trade as these little ones have become breadwinners n their own rights.




If you happen to have one working for you or someone you know, you can take a step towards making life a lot more bearable for them and yourself as well. It has been said that house helps who are treated well by their employers end up better individuals themselves and good carers for the wards placed in their charge.

1. Start by giving them an education.

It is the best legacy you can give to them. Refusing to educate your help is akin to limiting them to a life of servitude. If you can give that house help in your charge an education, you are contributing towards their future as well.

2. Feed them well

Recently the news of a young girl who was left locked inside the house with two cartons of Cabin biscuits while her boss traveled out of the country made the headlines. Asides the danger of leaving her locked in the house without adult supervision, that girl could have starved to death.

3. Protect them

House helps have been known to suffer all sorts of abuse from employers and outsiders alike. Protecting your house help from yourself and others is your responsibility. Your house help is human too and he/she has rights as a human.

4. Let them be free with you

You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you allow your help some freedom with you, he or she will most likely not overstep boundaries. Being able to talk to you will reassure them that they have an adult who listens to them. They can even report back to you when they notice anything amiss.

5. Don’t discriminate

For the most part, they are constantly aware that he or she is a help. Don’t make it a habit to constantly remind them of that fact all in the name of putting them in their place. Your house helps happiness is just as important as yours or your child’s.


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