The Politicization Of Covid 19 In Nigeria And The Greed Of Men Who Claim To Have Integrity By Precious Ebenezer

The Politicization Of Covid 19 In Nigeria And The Greed Of Men Who Claim To Have Integrity By Precious Ebenezer




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It is obvious that NCDC is working hand in glove with greedy State Governors to proliferate the figures of Covid 19 cases in the 36 States of the federation just because of 10 billion naira. How can they play politics with human lives? A state that has been on total lockdown since from the beginning immediately has started having high cases. The question is, who brought the virus to that state that has no cases and has been on lockdown for long? The answer the greedy governor of that state will give is that the police at the entrance of the state is responsible.


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Even some people who reside in a state are asked to claim to be covid 19 patients and receive 15k just because the governor of that state is looking for his own 10 billion from federal government. A state governor who is desperately looking for his own allocation from the federal government but has been denied, is now behaving like a psychopath, going to street by street and molest, harass and imprionsed innocent people for minor offences just because his angry that federal government has denied him covid 19 money.
Some of the state government in line with NCDC, gets malaria patients and inject them with covid 19 virus just for that state to have a case and receive its own 10 billion and share that money with NCDC.



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NCDC will always tell us that around 11pm everyday, new cases were discovered. They tell us that those cases are receiving treatment but they never show to nigerians those cases that are receiving treatment. But when you on your BBC channel, you see cases in America and Europe who are receiving treatment and the ones who are dead but here in Nigeria, everything is secrecy. How do you expect the citizens to believe you when you keep them in the shadows with your lack of transparency? Why must it be 11pm everyday for your confirmation of new cases? If all States has closed their entrance, why the proliferation of cases? Why do you force treatment on people who has no covid 19 case in them? Even when they tell you that they have no travelling history, you still force them to be treated.


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We Nigerians are not saying the virus is not in our country. We are only saying that you should stop playing politics with human lives and stop keeping us in secrecy. Be open to Nigerians. Give us the exact case. And give us facts of patients receiving treatment. You said you have discharged some patients who have the virus but yet, you have refuse to sincerely tell Nigerians what kind of medicine or cure used on them that you discharged rather you lie to us that they have strong immune system. Are we fools?




Currently, it has become a known fact that a country in Africa Madagascar has discovered a herbal traditional cure to the covid 19 pandemic and it is believed that there are fast recoveries. It is expected that NCDC in line with the president of the federation should travel to Madagascar to obtain that herbal medicine but no. They see nothing good from Madagascar just because Europe and W.H.O do not approve such herbal medicine. Its a shame that NCDC and the federal government, are waiting for the Messiah in Europe and America to give them European medicine. Its a shame that our leaders in this country, see enterprise and money making from every situation.


Your greed is responsible for the backwardness and wretchedness of this country.

I weep….



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