The reasons why the people abroad are more serious about advocating for oduduwa nation




It’s not because they are hungry or they want any position:


But sincerely, no reasonable YORUBA that has been abroad that will not support ODUDUWA NATION, with due respect to those of us at home, the people abroad see what you don’t see, they know what’s called the right system and the right leadership,



some of you that are against ODUDUWA NATION,  if you travel and come back, you won’t hesitate to stone your leaders to death, they have ruined the country and they have destroyed many  lives and vision, they are the reasons for the poverty, insecurity, backwardness, unemployment, bad roads, poor education, poor health system, poor electricity, corruption and other bad things  in the country,


The worst part of it is that they are not ready to change and the north dominance is ever there.

It always hurts me to the marrow seeing a Yoruba man still supporting one Nigeria after 60 years of failure and disappointment that the country has brought to its citizens.



I implore you to wake up from your slumbering, the freedom of YORUBA NATION is sacrosanct and it must be actualized, please, encourage the initiators of ODUDUWA NATION, support the motion!






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