If history and culture were a source of wealth, the National Museum of National Unity, Ibadan, would be one of the richest places in Nigeria.

This is why it is believed that one of the best ways to explore Nigeria, in terms of history and culture, is to pay it a visit.

And such are the arrays of the artifacts it holds that the museum is classified into four distinct galleries: the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Pottery Gallery and Yoruba Gallery.

However, objects on display in the Unity Gallery are collections from various parts of Nigeria and include indigenous Musical Instruments such as drums, gongs, rattles, and xylophones.

The Masquerade Gallery features “Dodo,” “Egungun,” “Egwu Atta,” “Ekpe,” “Ekpo” and “Mmaawun” as these presumed representatives of departed spirits are called in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, Yoruba, Ebira, Efik, Ibibio and Igbo languages respectively.

In addition, this section also offers the viewer sights of masks from different parts of the country. Many other musical tools used during outings by masquerades are also among exhibits inside the Masquerade Gallery, aside effigies, regalia, and drums.

Also, the Pottery Gallery displays a unique collection of ceramic vessels that served different purposes. The objects displayed here are a clear indication of the workmanship that existed around 3,000 years ago.

Some of the exhibits include a Kula, which keeps things cool, bowl-shaped pots used for preparing food and punctured pots which were probably used as strainers.

All these are nothing but testimonies of the Yoruba mastery of pottery making since around 3, 000 BC, going by a find at Iwo-Eleru, near the Ondo State capital Akure.

Nevertheless, the Yoruba Gallery homes in on a fleeting history of the race, symbols of their indigenous religions and excavations from their lands in southwestern Nigeria, among others.

And the objects on display inside the Yoruba Gallery include exquisitely carved doorposts, doors panels, “Ogboni” single-head drum as well as “Regalia of Oba Abimbolu of Ijebu-Remo.”

What to bring?

Before heading to National Museum of National Unity, Ibadan, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • A camera or camera phone.

Things to do while at National Museum of National Unity, Ibadan

  • Visit the art galleries.
  • Learn about the rich history.
  • Appreciate the various pottery work.

Best Features

It celebrates the richly diverse history of Nigeria and the Nigerian people.

Most common visitors

Curators, Historians, Tourists are the most common visitors here.