Flash Fiction: Short Short Short Stories – By Mofetoluwa Oni

Flash Fiction: Short Short Short Stories


“The café was closed unusually early as begonia served the last customers and handed them their change alone with their order of lava cake. Things have been truly hard on her ever since Jacob her husband died and she had to take over his café business.


It was a sight of pain and something unpleasant to see how aged begonia looked even with two capable grown up children who apparently had no interest in the café.

“You should hire help begonia you look a mess” one of her old friends Nana had advised when she’d passed her front porch one day…

Her reply always was

“Don’t worry they’ll come to their senses soon, I don’t need help…. For now”.


 A few boxes of lava cakes, a cup of grape juice and two plates of spaghetti are on the ground with Lorenzo and Dona in the middle of the mess. Brooding at the sight of her children-n, she come across their family portrait and melting into a sombre state, she thought she was her husband smile at her…


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