5 Tips Needed To Start A Lucrative Small Chops Business

5 Tips Needed To Start A Lucrative Small Chops Business

The Small chops business is one of the most lucrative business women can go into and this has been proven over and over again.



With strategic planning, your business is sure to boom more quickly than you think and you’d even start training people on small chops.

Here are some tips to guide you below.


1. Be Different

The key to being a successful small chops business owner is creativity. Stand out in your presentation and style! As it was said in the last post, stand out from the crowd.

Do something different and more people will notice. Small chops compose of a variety of Spring Rolls, Samosa, Fish Finger, Fish in Batter, Chicken in Batter, Masa (Corn), Masa (Banana) Yamarita (Yam Balls), Puff-Puff, Meat Balls, Pepper Snail, Pepper Steak, Beef Pocket, Gizz Dodo, Prawns in Batter, just to mention a few.


2. Your prices matter

The price tag you put on your product would depend on your target market and the amount of effort you intend to put into your business. Bear in mind that going to the open market to buy the ingredients and bulk buying will save you a lot of money. So do not hype your prices unnecessarily just because you were not smart enough to buy your wares in bulk.

3. Getting customers is key

Getting customers is easy. Start with word of mouth because it is the cheapest form of advertising. Invite friends over and have them taste your meal, and they would definitely let others know the quality of your chops. Alternatively, you can advertise your business through social media, flyers, and magazines.

Social media is a powerful tool for small businesses today especially with its ability to let your potential customers have a visual image of what you can do. Nothing can be more captivating than seeing the picture of a well-organized meal. It pushes the taste buds to desire.

4. Know what you need

To start a successful small chops business, you will need a workspace (kitchen), cooking utensils (pots, pans, knives, spoons etc.), a cooker or stove and of course the ingredients that would be used to prepare your small chops. Some common items needed to prepare small-chops includes; carrots, cabbage, minced meat, snail, gizzard, chicken, flour, yeast, beef, croaker fish, yam (for yam balls).

5.Make an extra income from it

Take time to learn the art of making these small chops it would benefit you greatly if you are already an expert in the field then make an extra income by organizing classes where you get to teach other people the basics of the trade, your success, and shortcomings.



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