Many things have happened in the past one week. Sowore is in DSS custody, but the really sad thing is the reaction of many ‘youths’ as well as even those who posture as ‘progressives’. Mockery. A people who should be contrite and use the opportunity to reflect deeply on the state of their country, are rather mocking the efforts of someone – no matter how misplaced – while some are showing cheap envy. Some who call themselves ‘educated’ apparently do not understand the evolution of nation states and believe they can waltz, party, or pray this nation into equity and greatness. They discount, with a wave of hand, the struggles of great people in other countries but carry the passports of those countries, and send their children there for education and whatnot.

Let me put it this way. There was a country. There was a time we had Fela Kuti, his brother, Bekololari, Gani Fawehinmi, and a few others. These people were permanently on the streets for the people. They were the voices and consciences of the people. They cared about the common man. Before them we had Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Aminu Kano. In those days people cared. We had a student union that government took serious. Just look at us today. What has happened to us as a people? We don’t care anymore about our collective development. We care even less about the most vulnerable. We all got into a rat race and embraced destructive acquisition of money. We are laid prostrate on the matter of an ideology. No one is ready to visit prison to see the inmates, much less being admitted as an inmate on the basis of any just cause. Our NANS leaders now ride around in the latest exotic cars and the student union elections that used to be moved from one campus to another, now hold in Abuja under full sponsorship and interference of government. The students of Nigeria are fully in the pocket of the government, and their future, in the firm grip of poverty, future unemployment and a dysfunctional society. We think we are smart, but are we really?

The days of sacrifice are since over. Nigerian adults have become cowards, even under a ‘democracy’. They die many times before the finally die. They hide under their beds at the sound of teargas. Nigerians now talk in hushed tones lest they are lifted by the Buhari gestapo, which seems to be getting stronger everyday. However, truth be told, the gestapo is not lifting and ‘disappearing’ people as much as fellow citizens are tearing each other apart with words in the name of politics. Many have appointed themselves vicious defenders of the status quo even when Buhari does not care if they exist. They are exceedingly intolerant of dissent. We all forget that this is a democracy. It is an irony that fear is even more palpable now. The paradox is that the defenders of the status quo remind us of the supremacy of democracy, but we are becoming more fearful than we were under the military. So is this really a democracy?

Back to the issue of Sowore. We can dissect his approach all we can. The fact is that he has brought attention to the fact that under Buhari – a man in whom we once had so much hope – not only are the socioeconomic indices getting much worse, and Nigeria has decayed further, but opposition people are getting more fearful. I definitely do not subscribe to his idea of ‘days of rage’, but I fully subscribe to the idea that the citizens should start and continue organizing. It is the only hope we have for a survival. For when I consider Nigeria, it is almost impossible to not imagine an apocalypse of sort, something so drastic that will reset our brains and make us start afresh, that is if we are lucky. We need to save ourselves from ourselves.

What are the issues? Government functionaries announced that we now have 16million children out of school. The UN says 95 million Nigerians are now in MULRIDIMENSIONAL poverty. We solidly occupy the first position in global poverty and in two months, we will also be the official holder of the gold medal for shithole co


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