Improve Your Memory With These 6 Simple Brain Exercises You Probably Never Thought Of

Improve Your Memory With These 6 Simple Brain Exercises You Probably Never Thought Of



Everybody wants their brain to work very fast in order to be effective at work or at your business.


When your brain is effective, it helps you multitask easily thereby achieving a lot of things at a fast pace. How much do you exercise your brain? How well do you exercise your brain?

For you to boost your memory, you need to subject your brain certain exercises. You may be wondering, how you’re supposed to exercise your brain. This post will show you the exercises to help you boost your brain and increase its effectivity.



1.Memory Game

For you to boost your memory, you have to subject it to remembrance. You can try to pay close attention to your surroundings on your way to or back from work, then draw out a map of the route with all that you remember of seeing. Check it out the next day if you were correct. With time, you will also become more attentive of your surroundings. Try this for a week and you’ll notice a difference in the way you remember things.



Studies have shown that meditation can help engage new neural pathways, resulting in improved self-observational skills and increased mental flexibility. Meditation helps improve attention focus, empathy and even immunity.

Studies also suggest that meditation might even increase the capacity of working memory. Try to meditate every day and make sure it’s about something positive.

3.Arithmetic Exercises



We know you might hate maths but the truth is that its an excellent way of exercising the brain. You don’t have to add up big numbers within seconds or multiply three-digit numbers but partake in simple maths and challenge yourself as you progress. Observe this every morning and you’ll experience a noticeable change.

4.Physical Exercises



You might not like to get involved in any physical exercise, it does go a long way to boost your brain. Mild exercises like yoga, jogging, walking and several others boost the memory. The mind and the brain work together so if you want to build a better mind, start by working on your physical health first.


Unhappy emotions can cloud your mind with fear, depression, self-pity, envy, grief, hatred, restlessness and anxiety. With these series of emotions clouding your mind, your senses can get dulled to the point where you are not registering your immediate environment or experiences.

It is therefore essential to stay happy, which also helps boost your brain to perform better. So release those happy hormones by doing something that excites you and brings you peace.



Socializing tends to engage multiple areas of the brain and many social activities also include physical elements, such as playing a sport, that is also beneficial to your mind.

You can choose to socialize by playing games, listening to music, travelling, hanging out with friends and many more. Even if you’re an introvert, you still need a little socializing to help you boost your brain.




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