Comrades, since our Aug 19th 2019 National Discourse program, which the Buhari government tried desperately to stop with brute military-police force, the Coalition for Revolution, CORE, (#RevolutionNow) had embarked on series of consultations with all organizations and activists that we had been working with and those that had moved into struggle in response to the call for action to save humanity.

These consultations are with the intention of building a united front of activists on the side of the oppressed and exploited against those responsible for the collapse of our society and those attacking the democratic rights that the Nigerian masses had won over the years.

As we speak, three of our comrades are still in detention, Omoyele Sowore, Olawale Adebayo (Mandate) and Agba Jalingo. They are been held without trial. It is now 30 days since Sowore’s illegal abduction and detention, 26 days for Mandate and 9 days for Agba Jalingo.

Over 65 comrades are still facing trial for participating in the Aug 5 protests nationally. All these are attacks on our fundamental human rights and we are determined to stand our grounds in defense of our rights. They can only take away our rights if we allow them to do so.

Secondly, none of the demands of the #RevolutionNow has been addressed in anyway; rather we are seeing an intensification of further economic attacks on the Nigerian masses and none implementation of wage increment. The tariff on electricity is to go up along with many more.

These attacks and further society collapse only strengthen our resolve to continue with our campaign for the release of all political prisoners and for #RevolutionNow demands. A revolutionary process is not a one-day affair. It starts with the concrete desire for change by the masses and youth.

We have deepened our unity with the organizations and activists working together with the CORE across the country and united we are demanding for the immediate release of Sowore and all political prisoners.

September 18 2019 has been fixed as a Day of Agitation against detention without trial and for the demands of #RevolutionNow. We are calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners been held without trial and for #RevolutionNow demands.

The first task of the revolution is the freeing of the minds and conscious realization of why our society is in crises.

We are all participants in this movement and all our actions when combined would expose the true state of affairs and the enormous strength of the masses and youth.

A people united can never be defeated.


Olaseni Ajai
Baba Aye


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