Best 5 Google AdSense Alternatives Nigerians Can Make Money With

Best 5 Google AdSense Alternatives Nigerians Can Make Money With

Are looking for a list of the very best Google AdSense alternatives available in Nigeria?


I have carried out all the research necessary and will provide you with a list of the very best contextual advertisement companies you can register with apart from AdSense.

Google AdSense alternatives are in large abundance on the web; however, not all of them are available in Nigeria.

Limitations can be due to geographical restriction or reception of funds in Nigeria.


The major reason Nigerians can’t register with several ad platforms and Affiliate programs online is because PayPal doesn’t allow Nigerians to receive money.


Consequently, any AdSense alternative that limits reception of funds to just PayPal becomes inaccessible to Nigerians.

All the AdSense alternatives I’ll list in this publication will include a breakdown of how you can also receive your funds in Nigeria.

There can be no doubt, whatsoever, that Google AdSense is the best contextual advertisement company on the web.

Not just because it is owned by Google, it’s one of the oldest and most organized ad platform on the web.

Although AdSense is the most popular ad platform on the web, people are always in search of alternatives.

Reasons may range from difficulties in getting an approved AdSense account to receiving a ban from the program.

Apart from all that, you can also decide to register with another ad platform to complement your money making strategy.

AdSense works very well with other ad networks, provided your blog doesn’t violate the Google ads placement policy.



Here the best 5 Google AdSense alternatives available in Nigeria:



Justagit ADX is a Programmatic platform that allows Advertisersbuyad placement on a sets of publishers’ through a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) system. It is a transparent RTB platform that works efciently for both the Advertisers and Publishers.

Our transparent and Real-Time Bidding system help advertisers make the most of their budget and help publishers make the most of their Websites and Mobile App Inventories.

With Justagit ADX, Advertisers and Agency can run Brand Awareness campaign as well as Performance campaign.



Ease of Payment

With multiple payment options available for both Advertisers and Publishers, Ad Buying and Selling process is seamless and straight forward. Justagit DAP is the perfect platform for your campaigns.

To Register Click here:
2.) is one of the biggest AdSense alternatives you can find out there. It’s owned by Yahoo! and Bing, and is operated in a very similar fashion to AdSense.

When you register with, you gain access to their thousands of Advertisers worldwide.

After reaching a minimum balance of $100 in your account, you can withdraw your funds using PayPal or Bank Wire transfer.

Like I said earlier, PayPal funds reception is not available in Nigeria; However, you can receive your funds using the Bank Wire Transfer method of payment.


3. Infolinks

homepage of

Infolinks claims to have the third largest publisher Marketplace worldwide and rightly so. According to present Alexa stats, it’s ranked among the top 15,000 websites worldwide.

I consider Infolinks to be one of the very best alternatives to Google AdSense you can find out there. Visit Infolinks to find out more!

Also, Infolinks offer a wide range of optional withdrawal methods which include: Bank Wire transfer, check, Payoneer, etc. which makes it an advertisement company suitable for Nigerians.

4. Viglink

Homepage of

Viglink is an outbound traffic monetization service for webmasters. It was founded in 2009 and has been growing ever since.

Viglink is currently ranked among the top 10,000 websites in the world, just so you know it’s not a small company.

It is also another massive AdSense alternative you can register with easily and start monetizing your site.

After reaching the minimum payout for publishers, which is set at $20, you can withdraw your earnings using Bank Wire transfer; which unfortunately, is the only method of payment accessible to Nigerians.

5. Chitika

Homepage of
screenshot of

Chitika is a search-targeted advertising company founded in May 2003. It is  located in the United States and available worldwide.

It is another very popular Google AdSense alternative available to Nigerian bloggers.

Chitika is listed in this post not just because you can easily withdraw your earnings in Nigeria, but because it’s one of the best options you have out there.

After reaching a minimum balance of $50, you can withdraw your Chikita Earnings using Payoneer, which is one of the most popular PayPal alternatives in Nigeria.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account yet, follow this guide to open one now.




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