“Seeing Graduates Without Job Can Make Me Sick”- Ondo Lawmaker, Akingbaso Speaks to Ondo Youth

“Seeing Graduates Without Job Can Make Me Sick”- Ondo Lawmaker, Akingbaso Speaks to Ondo Youth





Meet Hon. Festus Akingbasote of the ondo state house of Assembly, representing Idanre constituency in the weekly edition of Youth in Politics, Ondo state program today, Sunday 11th November.
I am Femi Adebayo, one of the interviewers of Ondo state Youth in Politics Platforms to shape and restructure the lagging areas of Ondo state and bring together the youth in the state towards economy growth
We welcome you here and there are lots of questions for you Honorable
So, without mincing words and wasting time, we’ll be going through the profile of Hon Festus Akingbaso
#KnowYourLawmakers: Festus Akingbaso of Idanre Constituency at Ondo Assembly
Mr. Festus Akingbaso was born in four decades ago to the prestigious family of late Chief & Mrs. Manare Akingbaso.
A man with a humble background trained with Christian virtues from sunbeam to adulthood has served as Board member of Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC), executive chairman of Idanre LG council and now, a member of Ondo State House of Assembly (ODHA) representing Idanre State Constituency on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
His Early Life and Career:
His academic profile cradled from primary school to tertiary institution. Apart from the formal education received from his parents, Hon Festus is equally trained with moral values of life. From the beginning of his life, he has severally displayed a lot of passion for business. This actually made him start merchandizing in his early days.
Fessywest as popularly called snowballed his business journey over two decades ago when he delved in the auto business. His tentacles were spread across the continent of Africa importing series of exotic cars from oversea.
The quest for more expansion in business made him diversify into various businesses.
Today to the glory of God, Mr. Festus Akingbaso is also into Oil and Gas business, Quarry business, liquor business, wood, and timber business, Agro business and many more both in Nigeria and abroad.
As chairman and Managing Director of conglomerate companies he never relent and tired of not involved in politics.
His Political Journey:
Mr. Festus Akingbaso is a political juggernaut, a grassroots mobilizer, loved by his kinsmen.
He started his political career as a great financier of Labour Party years back. During that time, he was one of the major players that contributed a lot to break the wall of the opposition during the early days of Labour Party in Ondo State.
When the Labour Party merged with PDP some years back, Hon Akingbaso naturally became a financial member of PDP to date.
In his political sojourning, he was at a time a board member of the Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC), elected executive chairman of Idanre LG council and a political leader of repute.
Today, he is a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly (ODHA) representing Idanre State Constituency on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
A philanthropist per excellence, reliable, trusted and dependable politician. The traditional heads in Idanre are quick to pray for him daily, the religious leaders pray for him in their family altars on a regular basis.
The man, Mr. Festus Akingbaso is a man with a Midas touch with a great difference.
We enjoy citizens and his constituents to constructively engage him on legislative and governance issues, while his constituency office situated at 102, Commercial Road, Odode Idanre, Ondo State, Nigeria, for constituents related matters.
I’m happy to be in this  platform to address the ever dedicated and ever progressive ondo state youths! I’m here tonight to speak on behalf of my boss……Hon. festus olanrewaju Akingbaso, the member house of assembly representing the interest of the good people of idanre State constituency.
I’m his statutory PA. Akinsowon Abiola Danbaba.
You are welcome sir
First Question : Based on  bursary ?
 What are our representatives in the top offices in government doing about it. As we can see of the riverine side are collecting theirs.
Akingbesote Oluwole
Idanre local gov
Be specific! Are talking about the State bursary or the local government bursary?
I think the questionnaire want clarification on both the state and local government bursaries sir
Good, as you all know, the local government chairman is in position to disburse to the students local government bursary, but for some years now, the State bursary is on hold, and the reason is best Known to that past and the present administration!
But we will do everything possible at our disposal to bring back the bursary payment so that our youths and students can enjoy the dividend of democracy, no matter how small it may be! It’s ur Civic Right as a students and youth of the State
But then, most local government are not getting their bursaries in the state.
And the scholarship board are not doing anything about the scholarship promised for indigenes
What are you going to do to ensure student from your local government to have access to their own bursaries
Audience reaction:
Bursaries is not the major problem in this state but Hike in School fee and scrapping of WAEC fee and free education is the problem.
Why will House of assembly Support such Demolic Act?
 (By: Temitope victor : Akure south LG.)
Second questions
(From Odeyemi Sunday Ezekiel – Uso, Owo local government area.💫)
1. Dear Hon., What is the update on year 2020 budget?
2. How have you been tackling unemployment of Youths in your constituency?
3. Floods have rendered many farmers helpless, how can the State Assembly with the Executive arm assist them?
4. What’s your take on #30,000 minimum wage for Ondo state workers?
To a lay man understanding I observed that the question here is contradicting because the caption “political situation” is a different ball game from “Situation of government in ondo state”
Now to answer your question! I want to tell you that I’m a card Carrier of Peoples Democratic party (PDP) and I’m assuring the ever dedicated ondo state youths that my party remains the most strongest and highly trethend political party in the State! With this I’m convinced to notify everyone of you here that our party is in order and we are working very relentlessly to Make sure that ondo state becomes great base on the vision ahead and the tasks ahead of us!
But the political situation of the present administration is what I may not say little about because I’m never part of the political structure.
If we are to talk about 2020 budget, it going to take serious episode, but by the grace of God, the budget going to favor the citizens, but I have it in mind that I only have a minority say in the State house 24/2
Youths empowerment:
As a matter of fact, you all know I’m a youth, and I have the love of idanre youth at heart, but due to the court case ahead of me, after tribunal I was punished to appeal Court, but I believe judgement will come up soon, and shortly after that, I will continue my best as promised to the good people of idanre during my electioneering campaign, the empowerment going to go round across every angle of the local government.
Idanre is one, and I don’t have any descrimination when it is time to role out the dividend of democracy.
Third question
How can you use your rich, wealth, power to help your constituency among other local government in ondo state
(Comr olofinnade kehinde
Nais president
Rufus Giwa polytechnic owo)
Brilliant, go through my profile and see that I’m an industrialist, I’m going to introduce many things that will be of benefit to our youths! Many industry will be put in place to help the unemployed youths within my humanitarian capacity.
Audience reaction:
Sir, the question is on unemployment of Youth. Though you have done justice to the empowerment issue but we need clarification on youth unemployment. As a law maker in the state, what has been your role so far on the subject matter?
(By: Dialogue.  IDANRE LG.)
Unemployment is a national crises, and it’s needs a gradual approach and we believe it’s going to be reduced to a bearest minimum, I must be sincere with you all it’s really affecting me seeing graduates without job!
Audience reaction:
Issue of minimum wage
Sir, what’s your take on #30,000 minimum wage for the state workers
I mean Ondo State workers.
(By: Prime minister. Idanre local gov.)
Mr Governor just revealed his activities during the 4weeks leave, so the minimum wages was part of the subject matters raised in governor forum held in Abuja, so let’s be hopeful and we believe ondo state won’t be on the last list to pay the minimum wages.
Fourth question:
What are your plans to revived the tourist in Idanre.
Do you have any better plans for the youth of idanre, if yes please what are the plans.
(Akingbesote Oluwole
Idanre local government)
Idanre tourist centre is now under the State government and partially UNESCO! The affairs of the tourist hill is handled by the State government.
Fifth Question:
What is the house’s decision about the scam #3000 charges collected from unemployed people in ondo state for OSRC application fee.
When the media house already known that they will employ their interim/temporary staff.
(Tunde Bright Olorungbotemi (Idanre LG)
Publisher of VAM Newsonline)
The house has already reacted on that through the speaker of the state house of assembly! But I will love to know and see your evidence of employment list so that it will be discussed in the hallow chamber, evidence before actions!
But I strongly believe the speaker go against the employment charges
Audience reaction:
After Mr speaker has reacted to reduce the price, the management of OSRC bends the order and sell the form for N3000
Till this moment, no screening date nor any information for outside applicants who obtained the form.
Hon. S. T Akinduro(Chief Admin)
Thanks to all members, who have been bear tonight program with us… We say big thank to you all.
All members should note that, we are one family here and nothing shall discourage us.
 Ondo state will shine again
 God bless Nigerian youths
 God bless Ondo state youths.



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