5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Wet During Sex And What You Can Do About It






So, here is the scenario,  you guys have eaten a delicious dinner and while you were tearing off the skin of the chicken with your teeth, you were fantasizing about how you would tear off his clothes and ravish him like that chicken.

“Coincidentally”, he was thinking the same naughty thoughts. So you proceed to the room, all excited and ready to go. He starts touching you and you are shaking with relish at the thought of doing it.

Suddenly, he reaches down there and, You. Are. Drrrry. Like a desert, like a harmattan day, like the driest thing you can imagine.

You are mortified because even though you are raring to go, your body has other sabotaging plans.

Well, here are some possible reasons why your “beautiful flower has no morning dew” and not to worry girl, there are some things that can be done to remedy this.

1. You are naturally that way

Not every woman produces the same amount of natural lubrication as the next woman. Some women are naturally a little less wet down there. This does not mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with you or that you aren’t woman enough.

You can make use of non-irritating lubes during your sexy time or use the good old fashion God-given lube; saliva. Don’t stress over it girl, there are more women that are like this, like you.

2. You are not engaging in enough foreplay

Ok, I know I said that you might be naturally like this, but sometimes, you are not getting wet because you and your partner are going at it as if it is a 100-meter dash. No sis. You need that good-good kissing and caressing so that you can get in the mood of things and get your juices flowing.


If you notice that your partner tends to go straight for it, slow him down, pace yourself, get to know each other’s bodies, kiss each other’s ears and necks and bellies. In no time, you would be slick down there.

3. You really don’t want to have sex with him

Sometimes, no most times our body and brain really tell us what we are feeling even though we may try to convince ourselves otherwise. Yes, you might be feeling the guy, but it is not all the time that that necessarily means you want to jump his bones.

If you know deep down that you really aren’t up to it, politely decline. Don’t have sex for sex sake, do it because you fully want it and not because you don’t want to disappoint your partner.

4. Your estrogen levels are low

Our hormones can be crazy bitches sometimes. They make us go into a rage for no valid reason, other times we are in a pool of tears wondering which of our village people we offended, sometimes we are crazily happy.

When estrogen levels are low in the body, this can cause and be caused by a variety of reasons. It can be caused by being under too much stress. It can be caused by taking a certain medication that causes estrogen levels to drop. It can also be caused as a result of the onset of menopause.

Take time to relieve yourself of stress, eat the life of your head while you can. Don’t let anyone make you tired or stressed. Also, ask your doctor about the side effects of any medication before you start using them.


5. Your hygiene habits are sabotaging you

Are you one of those ladies that are guilty of washing down there with soap, or worse douching with scented “feminine cleansers”? If you are, then you have yourself to blame on this one. Your vagina is self-cleaning and naturally should not smell of pineapples or strawberry or whatever else those douches promise.

All they do is throw off the pH of your vagina and they can cause you to be very dry or worse, have an infection and you don’t want that. Make sure you wash down there with clean water, preferably warm, every morning and night and you would be good to go.




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