15 Facts About The Vagina Every Woman Should Know





As fascinated as our society can be about the female body it is surprising to know that most women still don’t know the basic facts about one the most important organs in their body; the vagina.


Talking about the female sex organ is usually considered a taboo topic from a young age, so most of us have limited knowledge about it.

Even as adults, we shy away from talking about issues that deal with our sexuality as women forgetting that knowledge is power. When we know the facts about our body we are better informed to take care of it and even to handle our doubts when something unusual is happening to us.

On this note, today our focus will be 15 facts about the vagina so in case you missed out on the topic as a teenager, here is everything you need to know now


1. Women do not pee through their vagina

Surprised? You are not alone. Most people don’t know this too. There are three openings in your private part; the urethra ( where you pee through), the vagina and the anus.


2. Your vagina can fall out

Yea, like literally turn itself inside out. Scary? We know but don’t worry just yet. This condition known as the Pelvic Prolapse happens as people get older but can be fixed. Estrogen decline and multiple deliveries are usually the common risk factors.

3. There is no such thing as getting your virginity back

Don’t be fooled by the myths you might have heard, once your virginity is gone, it is gone. There is no way to get it back.

4. You can get STDs even when you use protection

Even when your partner uses a condom, you can still get infected with a sexually transmitted disease. During sex, the skin of your vulva can still touch the skin of the man’s scrotum and just like that you are infected.

5. Your vaginal muscles need exercise too

Just like the muscles in other parts of your body, your pelvic muscles ( the ones found in your vagina) need exercise too. If you do not engage in the sexual act regularly, make sure you make up for it by engaging in some exercise routine.

6. Every vulva ( vaginal lip) is different

There is no general design to what the outer layer of your vagina should look like. Every vulva differs form the other. Learn to accept yours the way it is.

7. Most women don’t get orgasms from sex alone

If you have been wondering, well this is it. Most women need their clitoris to be directly stimulated during sex and not the sexual act itself.

8. The vagina doesn’t need to be douched

The vagina is a self-cleansing organism and doesn’t need you spraying it or douching with other products just to get it to smell better. Your vagina has its own natural smell and its nothing like your perfume. Except you have an infection, any smell it emits is normal.

9. Doing a pap smear can help you detect early stages of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a big issue among women and so should be taken seriously. Getting a pap smear done van make all the difference to your life as a woman.

10. Vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman

How much vaginal discharge you make varies widely. Some normal, healthy women spew loads of discharge and need to wear panty liners every day. Others are bone dry. As long as you are not at risk of STD’s and you have no itching, burning, or odor, you’re probably just fine. If in doubt, see your gynecologist.

11. Your menstrual blood is supposed to clot

Don’t get worried just yet when you see some clotting in your menstrual blood, its usually just your uterine lining. On the other hand, when you see some clotting accompanied by a heavy flow, then something might be up.

12. As you get older, your vagina might feel drier during sex

Even as a young woman  it is okay to need lubrication during sex but this is more rampant among older women.

13. Your vagina farts too

Usually called a ‘queef’ or ‘varts’, the vagina can emit sounds just like a fart during sex or exercise. Don’t be embarrassed its perfectly normal.

14. After giving birth vaginally, it’s okay to feel loose

Giving birth stretches out you vaginal muscles so it is perfectly okay if your vagina hangs loose for a while after that. Pelvic floor exercise known as kegel helps your get the muscle tone back.

15. Sex should not hurt

Unfortunately, most women do not know this and suffer in silence. If you experience pain during sex, don’t keep quiet about it. Your doctor might be able to help you out.




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