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We loved reading this interview with Daniel Jem.! Check out the ins- and outs of his model life. Get to know the supermodel and Actor  –Daniel Jem    !



Nationality. Nigerian
Profession. I’m a professional model, an actor, a teacher by profession, a foodie and also an edutainer.
Agency: onyx modeling agency
Current location: Jos plateau state.




Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?

My career as a model as not been easy all the way but I can boldly say it’s fun and mind blowing. To me, I see modeling as something that brings out the real person in me. Through modeling, I’ve tried and touched lives in the society e.g like visiting the IDP. So my career as a model has been a wonderful one.

Well I will say I started modeling fully in the year 2017 but I’ve picked interest in the modeling career since when I was 18years but as at then, I didn’t know how to start it because I feel the modeling industry is just for the ladies because most fashion shows I’ve watched on channels and only saw ladies been used as runway models. But when I came in contact with a friend of mine who is also a model, he educated me the more about it and adviced I should give it a trial because he sees me as someone who has what it’s takes to be one.
So, from there I took it upon myself and join the modeling industry as a male dark skin model.





When did you first sign with an agency. And how was it like?

I first signed with an agency was in 2017, it was amazing and interesting all the same. But also it was an eye opener to me to see how things are been done in the industry and also how they treated models in agencies. But not too worry, I don’t want to scare you out there on all the whole thing but all the same it’s base for the experience. Yeah that’s it with my first signed in as a model in an agency.




What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far?Who shot it?

My most favorite photograph among many is the one I snapped a catchy concept on fight against drugs abuse.
I sat down and look around my community, and saw that most of my age range are getting old and loosing their sense of humor and I later found out that all these was as a result of drug abuse.
So I took the risk and the bold step to take that shoot in 2018 because doing a shoot on that is not easy, you might have people indulging in this act hunt you for that.
But I careless n did because I felt I was doing the right thing as a human and also a youth.
So that particular picture is my favorite picture amongst my many shoots.




the person that shot it is Nicky’s photography
She is a lady and a very nice photographer
She’s just an awesome photographer I’ve met so far, she’s very welcoming and try to build on every concept a model present to for a shoot.
I met her on facebook and the day I had the shoot that was my first time of seeing her in person.
We discussed about the concept and she liked it and we build on it and came out with a fantastic result at the end.
So Nicky’s photography was the lady that did the shoot for me.


What is your best model experience ever?

My best model experience is anytime I go for anything that has to do with modeling.
I don’t really have a particular experience that I will sit and be thinking about it always, but all the jobs and other things are my best experience and more to come I believe.





What are the main challenges in modeling today?

Well the main challenges in modeling today is
!.. Models are not recognized most especially in this part of the world (North)
!.. Most people think that models are prostitute especially the female models, but people don’t know that modeling brings out the person in a person despite the fact that modeling is also seen as an act but still this is one of the challenge we face as models.
!.. Payment has become prior to mostly organizers. They over used models these days and at the end of the day, they say they’re giving you a profile as a model. In as much as we need the profiling nand platform as a model, 80% of the promotion should come from me as an individual because I should know that what I’m going into requires a whole lot to deal with in terms of promotion and profiling.
In as much we need the promotion, we also need the money to keep up our profile updated and going because this modeling career is online because that’s where the network is. So payment has been one of the very most challenge we face in the modeling industry today.



What do you enjoy most of your profession?

Well what I enjoyed most in my profession……
I enjoy everything about my profession. I don’t really have a specific or particular aspect of it I enjoyed the most.



How would you describe a model life?

I will describe a model life as keeping real and being the person you are.
Because most people out there are looking up to you as a model that’s why most people define a model as “someone whom people look up to” so model life is just keeping real and being who you are.



What is your big model dream?

My big model dream is to see myself in
!.. Vogue magazine
!.. Genevieve magazine
!.. Walk on the GTB fashion week
!.. Walking on the men’s fashion week
!.. Walking on the arise fashion show in Lagos
!.. Signing a deal with airtel network because I will love to model for them.
!.. Signing a deal with D&G
!.. Doing a vixen for Kiss Daniel, Davido, Simi, Tiwasavage, etc.



What is your favorite thing you do when not working?

I chart, sleep then watch movies.



Take us through a typical day in the life of Queen Sophra?

Well, my name is Daniel jem the first of his dad and the only child of his mother, he was born on the 24, May 1994 to the family of Mr and Mrs pam Peter jem in jos south local government and he’s Berom by tribe
An NCE holder from the federal college of education pankshin from the department of business education from the school of vocational and technical .



How do you keep your body in good shape?

Well what I do to keep my body in shape is watching my diet mostly, just 20 sit ups in the morning and same at night before I go to bed. Basically that’s it for me.


What’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world?. I don’t really have a favorite place in the world
All I want to do is to explore and visit every place in the world
If that’s possible.


Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet?

Well I am really an open person to those who are close to me.
So can’t really say anything about it because these are meant for my friends to find out themselves.



What do you think can do for the model community?

Topnewstv can help in the model community just as the way they’re doing right now with the model life interview. It will really go a long to reaching out to the public to know what models are facing and where people need to come in to support them in their career.
So I will say that topnewstv should keep up the good job.



Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on

Yes I have







Where can we follow you?

 Instagram handle. Itzdhan



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