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We had the privilege to speak with producer Don J about his journey from nuclear branch manager to major label music production, creating & releasing tracks for artists and labels on the international market.
Don J has had great success creating opportunities in the music industry, landing sync placements on streaming media & national television channels and developing up-and-coming artists (including securing management deals and providing branding support).
He’s also collaborated with Gold and Platinum record producers from across Nigeria: Lagos, Ibadan, Osun  and Abuja.


Interview conducted by Ekemode Seun(08146428423)



Who is Jeleel Olawale Yekeen?

Jeleel Olawale Yekeen is a Nigerian music producer, singer and songwriter. I was born on the 14th of November 19**. I’m from Gbongan Town of Osun state, Nigeria. My sound comprises of a fusion of a very wide variety of genres built on Afro Beats as the foundation . Graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic. CEO of JOY Group that contains #JOY Computers* #JOY Records** #JOY Banking Agent** #JOY Travels & Tour** based in Ibadan, Oyo State. #Muslim




How did you come up with “Don J”?

Hmmm, #DonJ came up when I was in LASPOTECH then, I was nominate to represent my faculty in a concert, and I won the first position, so the MC during the presentation of the first position award said the winner for today, he said again that he mean the Don for today is Jeleel, so since then all my friend called me as Don J, the J stand for Jeleel.



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How did you get into production?

I started having interest in music when I was still in LASPOTECH then, I do go to show n I like people’s performance. But the inspiration came when I was working at GOOD LUCK Confectioneries, Lagos Branch as Manager. Their is a guy called DSP (Drey Sollie Pee) he is the branch IT officer, he usually played instrumentals on his laptop and one day I complain about disturbing during working hour and he apologized and I later ask him to play some instrumentals, so I got inspiration for the beat and I gat to voice on it. DSP laptop have a production software called #MixCraft so I drop d vocal and the track is called History of Africa. I was happy with the track to the extent that I burn it on up to 50 disc and I also print my Album cover on it and I started sharing the disc to my family and friends. After then I proceed to Money Hyper Records located at Okota Lagos to learn Music production from the #AKODAZ. After then I proceed to Ibadan to setup JOY Group that contain JOY Records.


What can you say makes you different from other producers who have been in the game longer than you?
Actually I usually called myself last born producer among the producer around my vicinity, I respect other producer a lot. But I became more famous among all upcoming artist just because I usually support then, I do collect token from them for production just to make sure that their dream of music comes true. Their are some that I even push into music because I detect the talent from them and they are doing well now. I later won the Best Producer Award organized by Hadiat Nation International Music Entertainment with the support of my artist that voted for me online. Actually I’m not yet better, but I do try my possibly best..




What is your creative process? How do you get inspired to make music?

I like going to show Everytime, and I like as artist do perform and fans usually gives kudos to the producer as well, music is what I like I like singing, and producing artist that like music as well and I’m looking forward rolling with bigger producer and musician like #Don Jazzy, Samklef, Wiskid, Olamide, Davido and co..



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What’s your favorite D.A.W (Digital audio workstation), and why?

Cubase. I’m adapted it, I’m trained n perfect on it and I’m not disappointed using it.




To you, what’s the best and worst thing about being a producer?

Its not easy becoming a producer, because sometimes artist will frustrate effort, they might not want to pay production bill completely or they might not even appreciate the producer’s effort. But it’s best in terms of becoming famous and getting complete and correct money from artist that knows what they are doing.



Who would you say are the Top 5 producers in the game right now?

If I should look at my hood, my vicinity, the top producer I do appreciate n respect been the top are #Akodaz.
#LathaMix #Watamasta. #iBjass. #Mee Jay.

I first noticed your production on Sammy Quan, “Bless me” and on Tommie Tee’s hit single, “Forever” and was instantly intrigued. How did those collaborations came about?

Yeah, firstly those artist are talented, both Tommie Tee n Sammy Quan. In fact I’m proud of them and I’m ready to produce n promote then till they become famous stars in Nigeria n universe at large. But I just need their compliance and parent support

Who are your dream collaborators?

Yeah, I will like to collaborate with Wiskid, Davido, Kizz Daniel..



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