WAR AGAINST GOD (The Pulpit and Pew)

Congratulations to the convener of “Walk against child abuse” Mr. Dotun. On the 14th of December, we walked together with dignitaries, from all works of endeavors, ranging from journalists, to Sportsmen, Politicians, and NGOs. It was truly a great experience being part of something positive. Watch out for more from Happy People Magazine, and from here too.
On the eve of this occasion, I left my place very late, so as to meet up with the event the next morning, which was slated to start by 7am.
Yes! I did arrive late in the night but it was worth it. So, the next morning, as early as 4:30am, we were awake, in about 5am to 6am, a topic erupted, only God knows what started the discussion.
It was about the infidelity of “men of God” to God and the pew they parade. “I can never worship in a church apart from Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, they are orderly, and to a large extent, no hypocrite, horror show of unfaithfulness and deceit” Decent (not real name) bursted out.
We were four in the spacious room, as Frank (not real name) sprung up with all flair, “I have seen pastor’s preach what they don’t do. Call for offering they don’t pay. The worse part is that some Christians will rush to church on Monday morning, only to pray for financial prosperity, where will the money come from?” Frank asked rhetorically.
I was still lying on the couch, laughing silently. The third guy, I happened to be the fourth, Mayor(not real name) added that he was an alter boy for 10 years, and he could have become a priest only that he ran from the ‘call’. “ I would have become a Canon by now, but I realised earlier that everything was a scam”
“Church is now a business. God bless me, I plan to establish a church to collect offerings and tithes, then I can share the proceedings with the pastor” Decent asserted. Mayor then pointed at me, “Kunle will be the pastor, you see he hasn’t utter a word, ever since we started discussing, he doesn’t drink beer as well, he’s perfect man to ‘manage the establishment’”
Finally, the discussion was right on my plate, I had to speak or forever hold my peace. So I said, “Christianity is not a business, at least not for share of proceedings. It is righteousness , holy living, I mean living like christ”
Can you mention pastors who still practice what you just preached? Was the question that came rushing at me. Relaxed with confidence, I decided to mention two popular pastors in Ibadan. The first got a knock on the head (He was alleged to have slept with his secretary), the second was considered too old to be evaluated, oh, to them, too old to be tempted.
Decent turned to me, as if to give me a lecture, “look, during an election time in Ondo State, a pastor came to my house to scare my mother with a prophecy, saying I’d die during the time of election, if I do not come to the mountain for three days. My mom was panicked but I wasn’t, because, I had the secret of the pastor. After the pastor left, I told my mom to calm down, cause I’m not going to any mountain. She asked why, and I told her that, the man claiming to be a pastor has been for months now asking my friend’s girlfriend out, even though, he’s married”. I answered, it’s just some bad eggs that spoil the Christian narrative.
He said he wasn’t finished yet, “A pastor was doing a deliverance on a barren woman, somewhere in Edo, in the middle of the night, he told the woman that, he’d have to pour anointing oil into her private part, and would miraculously push in the oil with his ‘pushing machine’, Oh yes, he pushed, and he was caught pushing. And just to let you know, he was my brother’s friend”
I sighed, as if in court defending a client, I told him that the fault is not wholly of the pastors, they are to be blamed however, because some use the truth as a tool of deceit and extortion. Not all men of God are fornicator, adulterers, thieves, but few of them have spoiled the holy ministry.
“ I have met Pastors who will advise you to read the word yourself, not to all dependent on what is preached once a week. Be doers of the word, not hearers alone, deceiving yourself.” That was the scripture I quoted
I was still on my locution when Frank brought a cup filled with beer. It was 5 in the morning!. He moved closer to me, and exclaimed in a deep voice “we are not to be deceived, how can someone say, his pastor’s picture on a sticker started speaking in tongues, when he was attacked by armed men. I agree that the congregation subject themselves to all sort of deception, but the blame is largely on the men on the pulpit”
Frank was right, I was not wrong too, the pew deceives themselves, subjecting to the dictates of their pastors, rather than the ordinances of the word. The pastors deciphered this weakness on the part of the pew, then leverage on it.
I know men of God who are full of integrity, and are ambassadors of the word, as Apostle Paul called them, but I have heard of some rogue ones, who are not supposed to be dignified with the title, talk less of standing on the pulpit. And to the congregation, which I’m part of, please, the days of sealing the Bible is long gone. Open it up, read to understand, and with the help of the holy spirit, you are sure to become the doer and the ambassador of the word.
Christianity is a lifestyle, not a means to swindle the poor or the rich. It’s an ideology that constantly rescues the world from disaster. The United Nations(U.N) picked their vision from Isaiah 2:4. Call it the opium of the masses, yes! It has delivered many from addictions to Indian hemp, prostitution and all other negative vices.
Hold to your faith, salvation is personal. Don’t be Swindled, and don’t be the Swindler.
That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
Ephesians 4:14




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