Well, I’m not proud to write this, talk less of posting it for your eyes only. I would have added a graphic but it is inedible for this season.
A little while in my hometown, and everybody been counting scores, well, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a football fixture, but all I heard till yesterday was that the scores is now 6-nil.
The foolish counting of scores is a rampant attitude between cult groups in the town. It all started on the 24th of December, when people suddenly closed their doors, cause two guys of an opposite cult have been bloodily killed on a main road by their counterparts, without remorse or fear of the law enforcement agency or God. The death of these two hefty guys started the brouhaha in Ilesa, Osun State.
On Christmas day, 25th of December, another two unlucky guys were ‘dropped’ dead in another street in the town, still counting scores, they never stopped.
Yesterday, 26th of the month, a father of two, popularly known as Jasper, who had been in the ‘game’ for a long time (according to reliable source) was butchered, after several gunshots that had no effect on him. He was strangled, then slaughtered in broad day light, all because of a conflict between these unidentifiable cult groups.
Forgive the shortcomings in my narrative, but it’s a painful thing to see such thing happen in a town we pray to see her development and enrichment. The town is a vast town blessed with natural resources, agricultural investments, and human resources. Hundreds of her sons and daughters have made success their wristbands in and outside the country, but not to deny the fact, those outside the country will prefer to stop in Lagos for the festivities when they are in Nigeria rather than coming to Ilesa for the celebration. Those in Nigeria seldom come home for any course. All because of underdevelopment and unscrupulous acts that have invaded the town.
However, this is not based on any statistics, but on observation of the scantiness in the population of the people at home for the holidays.
I have nothing much to write today, cause I’m worried and wounded in my mind by these negative developments in my town.
I hereby use this medium to appeal to the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the state of Osun, to endeavor to mobilize their personnel, and deliver our youths from this incessant flair for cultism. Also, influential Ilesa indigenes are humbly called to render helpful hands to curb this nonsensical acts
Please, join me as we eradicate vices in our community.
Kunle Daramola.




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