5 Important Things Needed To Help You Survive The Harmattan Season

5 Important Things Needed To Help You Survive The Harmattan Season









The harmattan season is here again, that time of the year where lips get cracked, faces get dry and legs get white.

If you are a Nigerian, I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

To make this period easier to cope with, here are some essential items you need to have on the go.

1.Lip Balm




This is the season of chapped lips and there is nothing attractive or sexy about it. Be sure to have a lip balm handy on the move wherever you go for frequent touch-ups.

2. Water



Dehydration is a thing during this period. The dryness and the weather generally require the consumption of water frequently so do yourself and your health a favour by always having a bottle of water around you. Reduce your intake of sugary and carbonated drinks for now.


3. Jacket/ Cardigan



o stay warm when the weather becomes cold, do make sure you have a jacket or cardigan. This is also a good time to incorporate jackets into your work style. You can also invest in duvets to keep warm at night.

4. Vaseline

Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly helps seal your skin with a water-protective layer. This is super important as it prevents your skin from getting dry. To avoid looking like a ghost, run a generous amount on your body after bathing.

5. Sunglasses

There is no better time than now to use sunglass. Since the dry season brings a lot of dust and dirt, sunglasses are the perfect deflections against dirt and dust in your eye.













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