[Exclusive Interview] Meet Talented Comedian And Mc, Fada Francis

[Exclusive Interview] Meet Talented Comedian And Mc, Fada Francis







We were opportuned to have a one on one chat with creative comedian and Mc Fada Francis ,who has since involvement in the entertainment industry proven to be one among the very few creative figures we could actually look upto when it comes to comedy.


He asnwered all the questions directed at him which would be analyzed below.


Interview Conducted By Topnews Media



Can we know your name and little about you?

My name is Francis but I am called Fada Francis, I am a stand-up comedian ,mc , hype man,and compere.



When did you start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

When I was in secondary 🏫 year 2008



Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

Because is my talent and skill to make people laugh .

What inspire your work and finding yourself doing this?

Because I gat joy and happiness when I see my self doing it.



What is the most important entrepreneurial characteristics and skills you think you possess?

*Comedy skit, comedy on stage ,


What are the challenges you face and how are you able to overcome this pitfalls?

Sometimes you might go out for a show far from your area and you won’t get paid,money issue ooo, you just need to find ur way home and still believe one good day you will make it




What is the best part of your work?
One of the opportunity I do have is ,I believe if other senior comedian can face what we are facing today why won’t I make it.


Did you have another job aside this?

Yes I learnt allumuniu fabricator when I finish up my secondary School.


Did you like to work alone or as part of a team?

I prefer any of the 2.




How did you get your type of audience for your job and how did you identify your target market?

well I do run shows sometimes and invite people to come for my show and it is good and they do come to show me love by coming .


What’s your education background (mention all school and institutions?

I was once in sch in mapoly,moshood abiola polytenic but drop out do to financial problem .




How did you come up with your business ideas? And how did you know it’s a good idea?

Bcos I was encouraged by individual , people I don’t know love me and want me to keep doing and I gat myself happy doing it



Did you identify and research your competitors?

Yes ooo ,always





What’s the best way to generate money from your industry and did you think it can work for everybody?

The best is to do a big show and invite some of my boss in comedy ,senior men.



How did you generate money to start your business?

Well in my work we start with no money but as time goes on they start paying if you good and they love your work .



What surprises did you encounter in starting your business?
When I first started I gat a birthday show for 8k then and it boost my career and make me feel yes this is my call 😜 but it was a big surprise.



What ideas and approach did you use to market your business and what marketing approach did you think work best?

My business card , social media, e.g Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,Twitter.



Did you try some marketing approach that doesn’t work? If yes? Why did they not work?



How well has your business performed in the past and how well is your business currently doing?

Well we bless God ,as at then I was trying to make fame so people might know me but thanks to God today is is going well now.




How well has your business performed in the past and how well is your business currently doing?

Because they love my work and because I always give out my best.


What kind of music did you listen to and who are your favorite musicians?

I love hip hop very well and I don’t favourite artist but I love burnaboy ,2baba ,davido…..



Who are your favorite entrepreneurs within and outside your industry?

*Wow I love akpororo ,bovi , basket mouth and destalker


Which book inspire you most?

I don’t like reading that much but the comedian that inspired me most is akpororo, bovi destalker basketmouth



Where did you see yourself professionally on the next 3-5years?

The best 5years I will be among the best and richest mc and stand-up comedian they will be talking about for good.


Tell us about your biggest embarrassing moment?

It was when I went for a show and the man promise to pay me 20k and after all he paid me 10k and tell me that’s what he have with him and by the way he can do what I do ,I was embarrassed


What’s your family background and how are you able to cope with family and work?

Hmmm that one loud oooo, we be all hustler in my family and I think I love them because no lazy ones in the house ,so I cope with them


What advice would you offer to upcoming young, potential entrepreneurs in your industry?

Just believe in yourself and believe you I’ll get there one day.



What can you say about our platform(www.topnewstv.com.ng)?

Cool and I really love to be among you people by God grace ,it is nice .


Give your contacts such as social media handles etc, in case any of our audience are interested to work with you now or in future?

  • Officialmcfadafrancis is my Instagram name
      is my name on Facebook
    They can search on Google ,mc Fada Francis and they find me there.



We have a wonderful time interviewing Fada Francis, as its enable us know more about him and his achievement.





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