All you need to Know to about the Ondo State Mandate Group

All you need to Know to about the Ondo State Mandate Group



Mandate group is an umbrella platform of youths in ondo state for the purpose of promoting and surporting the assertiveness of the youth.the group is comitted to forging constructive engagement and inclusive intervention of young people in the political space,it is a social-political  group that attempt to birth a new generation of informed dynamic and active youth politician for the purpose of national development.and our major aim is to provide the template upon which the participation of youth in politics can be anchored viz_a_viz negotiation, mobilisation,active involvement in the political process.
 It is a universal truth that the future of every civilization rest on the shoulder of optimistic,pro_ active and dynamic young people who have learnt from the stewardship of the elders and are enthused by the possibility of translating the wealth of experience into tangible social good .
 Every generation out of its relative obscurity will discover it’s mission wether to fulfill it or betray it.In ondo state mandate group we have discovered our mission and our mission is to rally the pool of young hands in ondo state to take the mantle of leadership by providing hands_on learning experience in the political process to teeming youth who are interested in politics.our activities also include cultivating the aquiver of youths good will in other to position the youth as a proper agent of change..
Additionally,we explore other areas that offer development to out assertive young mind,we also strengthen the commitment of interested political aspirant amongst the youth by providing the platform to help promote their mandate to achieve these lofty goals,we have evolved a sound structure that is organic and backed by a constitution Wich is strengthened by the legitimacy conferd on it by our wonderful members.we have membership base stretched across the 18 local government area of ondo state.we hold regular meetings to discuss modalty of enforcing and Implementing our policies.we have been emboldened by the recognition and patronage that we have received from many quarters within and outside ondo state.our members sit on the same policy table with policy makers who shape the political space in ondo our concerted efforts we have secured better deals for our members joining the machineries of political parties and different campaign organizations.
 As people who believe in God our slogan is beautifully couched in a wonderful phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST”
Finally,our membership is open to all and sundry who are desirous of joining politics from the view point of radical progressivsm.
publicity secretary — TAIWO HASSAN



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