VIDEO: Meet 9-year-old Nigerian who can tell the exact day of the week in any year without seeing the calendar





Without looking at the calendar, can you tell the day of the week of October 2,1983? You think it is impossible? Shiju Olawepo, a 9-year-old pupil of Carol School, Lagos, will give you the correct answer.

Olawepo can spontaneously tell any day of the week in any year – whether in the past or future – without looking at the calendar.

In an interview with Tvc, a Nigerian  international English-language news channel, one of the teachers of the genius narrated how he discovered his rare talent.

Speaking with Ola Awakan of Tvc, the parents of the primary five pupil said they did not know about that aspect of their child until they received a phone call from the school.


Watch the video.



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