The True Story Of The Fight Between Former Besties, Iyabo Ojo And Faithia Williams Balogun





Drama started on social media Wednesday, February 5th when Iyabo Ojo called her former bestie and fellow actress, Faithia Williams.

Faithia who turned a year older that day was called out by the mother of two for snitching on her.

Faithia was the one who leaked the story of Iyabo’s alleged butt enlargement and how she went into a coma.


Iyabo Ojo had also thrown a surprise birthday party for her in 2018.

She revealed this in a lengthy post which has since been deleted.

“You never cease to amaze me & I’m not surprised bcos you remain number one agbaya in Nollywood … no self respect @ all, you envy the younger ones and pretend to Love the ones that you benefit from somehow but at the end you still anit loyal o ku ku si ma tun te bo ni be ni ishhhhhhhhhhh
After all I did for you 2 years ago to celebrate your bday in Turkey, you still snitched on me giving media fake news that I was in coma for 3 days! you wish 😆😁😄😃😃 bcos you knew about my surgery, I knew you hoped & prayed I died …. that’s why you never came to see me afterwards but guess what my God pass you, he is mighter than you, my God disappointed you & your team 🤣🤣🤣


.I’m still living girl 🤪😜😛
You are a Witch!! Yes O!! O gba enu ni but guess what I’m that lioness who will always come out victorious no matter how hard you try to pull me down or destroy my name spiritually….. Darkness & Light can never be on the same page & I make bold to say you are a terrible person …….. Back off witch 🧙♀ 🧙♀ 🧙♀

Faithia who is presently in Dubai has stayed mute on the call-out.





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