Oyo PDP receives over 1,200 defectors amidst pulps and drums

The People’s democratic party, Oyo state chapter, has welcomed over 1,200 defectors to the party.
The defectors were received at Lagelu local government area with pulps and drums , as thousands of party loyalists thronged the event to welcome the ‘new members’ into the party.
The new members include former members of the all progressive Congress (APC), Social democratic party (SDP), African democratic Congress (ADC), Accord, and Action democratic party (ADP).
The ‘returnees’ as they were labelled were received officially into the party by the Oyo state PDP chairman, Oyekunmi Mustapha.
He welcomed them with open arms, symbolizing that the party is a big family, and ready to accommodate them.
Chief Oyekunmi opined that, the decision by the defectors to leave their parties to join the ruling party is a statement that commends the excellent work of the executive governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde.
In his own words, party leader, and a former commissioner, Chief Bayo Okeyode admonished that “ politicians, whether office holder or ordinary member, should imbibe the spirit of perseverance, wherever they find themselves. Senator Rashidi Ladoja who was my mentor in politics have defected to almost 4 parties, and whenever he called on me to follow suit, I always refuse, and would tell him, you showed us the way to this party, and right here in PDP, I will stay put”
He enjoined that, money as important as it is, cannot buy position but only perseverance and loyalty can do that.
The former commissioner with a big laughter welcomed those who rejoined the party, and advised them to be patient, noting that PDP is a big umbrella, that is capable of covering “all of us.”
In his response, Honourable Tayo Oyediji, a defector from APC, and former federal representative appreciated the generosity of the party in accepting him, and his other colleagues back to the party, noting that, the opposition party in Oyo state (APC) has betrayed all they stand for, and that is the major reason for his defection.
He added that, since the beginning of the PDP led administration, he had enjoyed the benefits of good governance, and therefore, has come to pledge his allegiance to the people’s democratic party.
The host of the occasion, honorable Akintunde Olajide, representing Lagelu state constituency in the state assembly, posited that, the actions of the decamped members show the love and support the Lagelu community holds toward the Seyi Makinde led administration. In his remarks “decamping as been happening all over the country, but the difference here in Lagelu local government is that, the defectors include five political parties, and this is to show how much the people of this community are committed to the continuity of the incumbent administration.”
The Party whip, with confidence, assured the defectors of a level playing ground and numerous benefits, as they have rejoined the ruling people’s democratic party



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