oruba Demons never ever want anything serious o. They just want to break hearts and go. Once you fall into their trap like this, OYO is your case.

But first, as you may be wondering,

Who is a Yoruba demon?

A Yoruba Demon is usually a tall, dark and handsome Nigerian man that has been sent by your village people to ruin your life. He will come into your life looking and smelling like a million bucks. His Agbada, will be sparkling white, well starched and ironed. His shoes will be so shiny, you will be able to see your reflection in it. His smile and words will make you feel like a queen and you can literally smell his sex appeal. Sounds amazing right?

There are some men that are genuinely that aren’t Yoruba demons but often enough, the actual Yoruba demons mask as good men when all they want to do is make you catch feelings and then break your heart.


Here are five undeniable signs that that bobo you have been eyeing is a certified Yoruba demon


1. His sweet mouth is out of this world



Ah, a Yoruba Demon is a perfect smooth talker. By the time he has finished whyning you like this, you will start naming all the children that both of you will have.

Even if you know that all his lines mean nothing, he would still find a way to make you laugh and feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. But know that this lasts for only a short time.

If you find out that he has sweet mouth and nothing else, the chances that he is a Yoruba demon is very high, so please be careful.

2. He has 1 billion female “friends”




He is always picking calls and seen in pictures with his so-called friends. If he is not wishing Sade happy birthday, it is Jennifer or Tolu. He always seems to have a lot of girls around him and I’m sure that if you go through his social media, 90 per cent of the people he follows and interacts with are girls.



3. They never want “anything serious” and they are “just having fun”



If it is fun you are looking for, Yoruba Demons are the go to. They are perfect until you start talking about settling down and asking what the status of the relationship is. Then you would see their true colour.


Don’t bother arguing or shouting at them. It won’t change anything. Just pack your load and be going.

4. They are off and on





Today they are telling you how beautiful you are and how nice it will be to see you. Then you don,t hear from them for a week, or worse, a month. You call and mysteriously they don’t pick even though they are with their phones 24/7.

Then two months later they pop back into your life saying, “Baby, I miss you”. Waka.

5. His group of friends are equally Yoruba demons




You know what they say about birds of a feather right? It is so true in this aspect. His friends will be there calling you “our wife” when they know that he is playing you. My sister, be wise. If you notice that he and his friends have all the qualities listed above, run.









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