How To Slay Monday To Friday During The COVID-19 Pandemic



Who else remembers the time when streets were not empty, people could go anywhere and
life was normal. It all feels like a lifetime ago. It’s just been a couple of weeks but it feels like it’s been 6 months already.

Do you remember getting up every morning around 5:30 am to get ready for work? Waking up every morning, picking out what outfit to wear, what pair of shoes and bag would go with it. It always set the tone for the rest of our day and helps us define how we want the world to see us.



That used to be a huge part of our routine. If we are completely honest, it was something 50% of us always looked forward to every morning (the remaining 50% usually spend 3 hours of the previous night picking out the outfit for the next day). Since the government ordered a total lockdown, everything has changed.

Most of us have not worn real pants in over a month! I’m sure some of us have even tried
putting on jeans a few times, only to kick them off like there was an insect inside. For some, it is now pyjama geng. For some, is just panty-after-panty. Not every Nigerian has been walking around in their underwear though. Some people are still keeping it stylish, even if it’s just sweatpants and leggings. This is the new normal.

Thanks to the Lagos lock-down, you and I are no longer required to show up presentable. As a result, people are opting for a wardrobe of loungewear and comfort clothes; to strike a balance between laidback and polished. No one needs an evening gown in a pandemic, just as no one cares that you have a Dior bag in your closet, because just like everyone else…you have nowhere to go!




Mondays can be Pyjamas Day! You can sit around all day in your PJs. Wake up, have your bath and put on a new set of PJs on Monday morning. The first day of the week is the best time to make a cup of tea and start reading a new book. (Psssst: We recommend The Alchemist)




Tuesday is for #Quarantine2020 look! Wearing a matching set of tracksuit is the
ultimate quarantine outfit. Not only are these comfortable, but every fashion blogger you see on IG is wearing this right now. Even fashion’s high priestess – Anna Wintour has given her seal of approval!




For those of us that still need to join virtual office meetings on Zoom, how about this red dress shirt?. We love how simple yet flattering a dress shirt is because of how it can accentuate your waist.




Feeling claustrophobic? Feeling like you need to take a quick walk down the street before you run mental? Get your mask on! We like this look a lot because it is super comfy. You can decide to accessorize with a gold studded waist belt.





We are sure you would be mentally exhausted by Friday and all you would want to do is
to treat yourself to a DIY Spa day. Grab a glass of wine, a few scented candles, a face mask, your favourite shower gel and give yourself some well-deserved TLC. Prepare yourself for that COVID glow-up, girl! You deserve it.

Credit: Tobi Awolola









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