World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020 – Stop the pandemic: Safety and health at work can save lives



World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020 Theme



The Safety of employees at work should be imperative. Employees are more productive and efficient when their sense of security is daily ascertained and not tempered with by employers, fellow employees or clients.
As many new sectors begin to rise to join the perennial ones in contributing to the economic prosperity of the nation and even the world at large, so is the safety of thousands of workers been flouted and taken for granted.
This may be caused by all sort of circumstances and unforeseen ones that dictate the activities and outcomes of organisations. These indispensable occurrences poise great danger to the health and well being of employees.
The aberration in the safety and health of workers is not peculiar to a type of gender, and it is not the focus of this discourse to weigh on the exploitation of the vulnerability of a gender, which results to inefficiency and grave abuse of human rights  but to applaud the consistency of vulnerable workers in line of duty without no gender or sexual biases.
As the world continues to experience one of the greatest shock in the form of coronavirus pandemic, the lives of health workers have been rendered insecure, and as a result, hundreds of these physicians have given up the ghost in their endeavours to rescue the world from the pangs of disaster.

Most of these strong, courageous and fearless humans without no iota of disbelief in humanity but with tremendous love and affection surrendered their entirety to save the world from the biggest pandemic till date in the 21st century.
It is sad and repressing to note that  doctors and nurses died treating total strangers, but didn’t see it that way, they saw humanity at its highest anti climax and gave up their immunity to save it from drowning.
As today marks the world day of safety and health at work, we come together as family to celebrate the courage and love shown by  Li Wenling, who first discovered and made popular the dangerous effects of CONVID-19, Dr. Emeka Chugbo and Dr. Aliyu Yakubu, who are both prolific Nigerian physicians who died trying to save their country and humanity plus hundreds of other humanity savers who lost their lives in the battle against the deadly but dispensable coronavirus.


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