Youth Association urges Governor El rufa’I for public places reopening



The announcement which is being released by the spokesman of the association Hon Mallam Aliyu Abubakar on Sunday urges the state governor for the reopening while having a media brief in Kaduna.


It’s appalling when taking a look at the other states Governors commanding that mosques, churches and other public places should be reopened, while Kaduna state governor remained silent.
The lockdown made by president Muhammadu Buhari and some of the state governors is said to be a preventative measure for the masses. Meanwhile the preventative measures is not well organized due to hunger, salary held, high price of commodities etc. In comparison with some advance countries, Nigeria jeopardize the lives of her citizens and no leader cares for what they have been doing.
Some states Governors sympathize with the people of their states while some quit the opposite. This lockdown is self-explanatory that it is made for personal gain and ambition, most of the APC office holders are over- ambitious and look forward to a new way of making profit. Just in Kaduna state, the governor uses lockdown for his 2023 presidential ambition and to systematically explain to the world that he is extraordinary on his duty. Nigerian youth 4 leadership Association will use this opportunity to urge Kaduna state governor Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El rufa’I to order the reopening of mosques, churches and public places so that life will be easy for the people of the state.

Hon Malam Aliyu Abubakar
( Spokesman Nigerian Youth 4 leadership)
Hon Bashir Usman Waziri
(Co founder of Nigerian youth 4 leadership)

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