It’s not enough to say you’ll spend less and save more, you need a financial strategy to back that statement up.

What better way to do this, than to have certain applications you can quickly save your money and monitor the growth.

Not only do these apps help you save but you get a better interest rate.

Out of sight and out of mind makes it so much easier to leave your money alone rather than spending it.




Here Are 5 Apps To Try


1. Corpreneur

Corpreneur is an online savings platform that helps you save money automatically. The platform is targeted to Africans and pays 10-15% interest Annually.
One Good feature that made Corpreneur number one on this list is its quest to raise 1 Million African entrepreneurs in partnership with Entrepreneur Platform to access Free Online Business Academy for its users and African business forum to collaborate and work with like minds in building better and sustainable businesses.

With Corpreneur, you also get access to various business leaders in different industries at discounted fees (for business consultations) to help you grow and scale your business.

Even though you can use Corpreneur to save for any reason (Business, travel, school, emergency funds, school fees, shopping, property, etc) it’s core value is tailored to helping young Nigerian/Africans save money over time and start their own business.

Sign up and start saving with Corpreneur





2. Cowrywise





Cowrywise is also a trusted online saving app in Nigeria that helps its users save and invest in a goal. The application is pretty straightforward and easy to use.


The app is 99% risk-free and withdrawals are free.

3. Alat By Wema



Alat by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully digital savings Bank it is trusted and secure.

The app gives you a time card access to make cash withdrawals from your alat account, it also allows you to perform all transactions with commercial banks, this way you can monitor all your money.


4. Kolopay




Kolopay app is a trusted platform used for savings and also allows users to save money towards plan goals over a while.


Unlike piggvest, you can only withdraw your whole savings rather than part of your savings, unlike other online saving platforms.

The exciting thing is it makes you share your savings go with your friends and family so that they can help you in contributing to the achievement of your financial goal.


5. I-Invest



I-invest is a mobile application that allows current and aspiring investors to purchase securities and other related instruments without the aid of a broker.

With the I-invest App, you can save and invest in Treasury Bills and Eurobonds from anywhere in the world right from your mobile device

Not only is the app risk-free, be rest assured your money will yield returns.





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