Fraud: Choice And Result By Olayemi Samuel O.




Couple of weeks, approximately five months, the novel virus headlines on the pages of our dailies take about eighty percent (80%) and close to it, guaging resultant effect is fraudulent happenings.

The effect of the pandemic is seriously telling on everyone, being evidently rich, averagely okay or below the line classification.

People now casually and codely beg at every possible presented opportunity and when they get negative feedback, they mostly take it in good faith for obvious reasons- we are all in this together and also the government can only do what they can, which majority, including myself feel not to be good enough of a conclusion.

Just few days ago the news of a popular brand closing some of their spreads hit the nation and resulted to reasonable number of workers losing jobs. Before that, a major financial institution also laid off some staff projecting the need to do so. Let us not forget some low-key firms who had to let go some of their payroll employees. We are of course in a very deep and unpalatable state.

All these happening rapidly. Another wave hitting the state of nation is doubt of the true picture of the covid-19 as to whether it exists, or the likehood of it been a charade. Other school of thought, thinks the daily projected numbers are untrue and worthy of doubts. No matter your stand or reservation, it exists and categorically cautions becomes necessary as the system in place could at one point in time serves not everyone if the worst case hits.

In the midst of these happenings, major fraudster news, which is now a global discuss gives our country, Nigeria a sideline reputational image. The international communities who have been downplaying our sanity and sincerity from time in memorial are now more intense and eager to play out the scrutiny card any moment a citizen of the nation steps forward for embrace.

Just days ago, all Nigerian Newspapers reported an alleged fraudulent incident in the camp of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) emphatically cursoring the boss of the commission. This has left many meaningful Nigerians with another questionable and provocating thoughts.

Truthfully, our system is somewhat faulty but should we because of discuss exhausts our armoury? Confusing right! So it is when people stand in defence of fraudulent art. I refer it to an art because some people now take it as an occupation and even mentor the younger ones, still at formative stage. Fraud in all standings is a wrong venture and in fact not acceptable across continents, customs, culture, race and sphere.

Several Nigerians and I have had the opportunity to practice fraud but we decided to stay true to sanity and working hard until it pays off. Few years ago when fraud is not so prevalent like it is now. Then, we had the opportunity to browse all night with just #100 to #150 and our chat mates are usually the Whites, Oyinbos as called in my local parlance. What I actually did then is meet new friends across the globe, seek international exposure and developed the dream of going abroad to study and return to my country for replicates. You know, arguably, copy is good when you copy rightly! As a result of those activities back then, I often got books and other intellectual materials shipped down here- Nigeria and at the reception of those items, I felt great and some of my friends started coming close and desired to  emulate the process. While I was geniuely creating relationships and networks, some other guys were scheming and surely getting away with it. Up till now, I still have handful of people outside there who we still keep close contact. The point exactly, fraud is a state of mind not lack of opportunity nor situational or circumstantial bound.


Many argued that situation can corner you to engage in fraudulent act. They might be right though as opinion is scared but I personally revoke that submission. There are reasonable numbers of citizens who started life’s journey in penury, do menial jobs for several years before boosting of attempting schools. They went through the institution walls through wars, more like hungry lions and bitter beggers as they can barely do daily feeding. Some had to take up errand duties just to stay in school. Encouragingly, after several years of struggle can afford to do anything they want in life. Life is never even. Do not neglect, they didn’t get automatic jobs after rounding up schools. Realistically, several years were recorded as years of waiting. Despite what they went through, they never ventured into elicit act nor fraud anyone. All they do is wait for the right time after doing all they could do. So what’s the new?

The system of the country has always been like this, and careful observations avail there is still tendency of inequality and uneven divison till the end of time.

So, there is no need to blame anyone for any negative indulgence attained from your choice. Fraud and other sane decisions taken in life is a choice.

Every day they say is for the thieve while one day is for the owner. You never need to wait until you’re caught in the act. I believe you wouldn’t like a caught either. Make your choice and let’s the decision becomes the yardstick of emulation to the next and upcoming generations.

Say no to fraud, you can make it with God’s factor in focus, and adding persistence, resilience, perseverance, pessimistic as well as dedication to good course.



Olayemi Samuel O.

Global Youth Ambassador,



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