A Resurgence to Re-Open Our Schools





The night being dark and full of terror is a clear picture I see in an education-disabled yet functional Nigeria. No doubt, the Federal Character has been questionedsince the inception of COVID-19. Sequel to that, we have seen multiple dramas concerning COVID-19 patient reports; from how Kano was owing the Federation extra unrecorded recoveries as recovered patients outgrew the sick ones; How Kogi and NCDC have staged a Yes Coro and No Coro Dance fight; How multiple young people have been dragged inside NCDC Busses, with full fight and force and at times, the officials are not protected from the pandemic they are trying to curb; How our mothers and fathers were retrenched to the bedroom and presented a tuber of Yam each with exclusive Paparazzi, as Palliative, etc.




Before I proceed, I would like to commend the few good Nigerians, die-hard LGA Mayor’s, like the Mayor of Enugu North, Nkanu East etc, Statesmen and few Individuals who did their very best from around Nigeria to feed the poor, our musicians, actors and actresses, especially the works of Williams Uchemba and his challenge etc and also the functions of NANS Enugu Division. Humanitarianism took form in your bodies;God will bless you all.

It is imperative at this juncture, that this madness bereft us. It’s absolutely a sine qua non that Schools be re-opened without the heavy implementation protocols, copied from American Standards. Here in Nigeria, the Government is quite aware of our condition before now, hence the need to eradicate the superficial measures and return activities back to normalcy. We have so much hidden from unknown consequences of the proposed COVID-19 pandemic but it’s becoming treacherous to our future as students. This is a cancer and if we allow it to grow, will damage a lot of things for us all. Having survived the question of What If Corona for three months and counting and looking side by side, we still have all our neighbours the way we have been, just little bit hungrier than before. Has anyone heard from any Private School teacher of the recent?

What has happened so far? Market owners started begging out of frustration over-spoiling goods and the market was opened. Night life was shutdown and Beer companies started writing papers and the nightlife was extended to 10pm, more beers have been sold to idleness. Check records. State Borders have been opened and people travel freely for Burial, marriage and other personal related issues, courtesy of some forces not known to me. Now is it really that students can’t write papers out of boredom to reopen our schools?





Personal criticisms have been airing the view, asking what measures have been put in place should the Virus be out there? And am asking, what measures were put in place, and ADHERED TO behind the scheduled opening of inter-state travel? Night Life engagements? Let’s observe some moments of TRUTH. Trying not to be subjects to phobic-brainwashing, with WHAT IF School Opens and Student carriers exist? According to records, COVID-19 is terminal to mostly old persons and has been currently seen as a flu that can be relieved under proper immune conditions. Critically sick young persons won’t travel the long distance to school, all thanks to African Parents, hence we are free. Moreover, the same students who are free to inter-visit each other at home are the same students who shall be meeting each other in school, with only one difference, LEARNING TAKES PLACE; This raises the question of, is the corona virus school/Learning Dependent? Meanwhile, Nigerian Students are health conscious owing to bright futures they possess, hence the validation we shall maintain the basic guidelines of wearing facemasks and frequent hand washing.

We have heard, watched and continued watching, waiting for a time, someone will point at someone and say, Yes, his brother’s brother has Corona and is currently under treatment, at a known place and this is how they are responding to treatment. The WHO has breached international standards for business purposes am surprised Hushpuppi was arrested because they were doing the same thing which backs the reasonsthe USA stopped funding WHO, then Trump in an official Video calling for School Resumption categorically stated that “They Should Stop this Political Nonsense”. This write-up doesn’t argue the presence of Corona Virus in Nigeria, it rather queries the credibility of NCDC as a political tool to instigate fear among Nigerians, the ingenuity of some of our Government leaders who thought it wise to embezzle funds under this condition and the underlying secrets behind the Education Ministers claim to shut schools till further notice with claims that it is not safe.


The same politics Trump detests in America thrives here in Nigeria.At least we can see the misappropriation of some billions of naira that was all over social media just last week, unaccounted for. And the system acts like it’s all right and the rest of Nigerians act like it’s not our money been embezzled by some group of persons. NCDC is currently a government calculator that exponentially increases numbers from a fixed point and shares fear like Akara to a host of feeble citizens; Painting insecurity with the best colours to father-figures nationwide. Now Father’s wake to the guilt of a fear of probabilities should they fail to protect their children from the Virus while few political elites, secretly smile and check credit alerts.

In summary, the students are the grass, our future is the battlefield. Remove the protocols attached to school resumption and let activities kick off. It is what it is already, but we want to continue with our Schools, our mothers and Fathers need to impact on someone again, because they are Lecturers, our parents depend on the school system to get there daily bread, canteens in school have been surviving for three months and counting, your palliative cannot feed everyone. Our Students need to rub minds together to produce a better Nigeria, research has been lost to the thin air, 20 out of 30 Nigerian Students in professional courses now sell clothes or shoes, now who do you think would buy from the other? The rest are phone-based graphics designers, who do you think would pay them well? Is this how we are promised leadership Tomorrow? Private School Teachers now entertain menial jobs, as a result of the insecurity attached to there employment statue, which surprisingly, no one pays attention to rendered them salary-less. (Someone should investigate this Job Insecurity and Fix it, Employers should be responsible for their employees)



To Nigerian Students, Let’s use the Right Microphone, leave the money you are been paid and let’s save our student communities, if our students are in schools, the rape cases would reduce, same with assaults etc, our Parents Can at least save, our minor advertising businesses for Bigger agencies can thrive, Academics can continue. It is not the fear of the virus that I see, it is the fear of the bright future we hold for a brighter balanced Nigeria.

While the Government see a spread of the Virus, I see its drastic reduction. If people don’t get clustered in communities with limited time to do things, more of returning things to normalcy, and maintaining strict adherence to the guidelines of maintaining Facemasks and handwashing rituals, the virus spread would ridiculously reduce. Our Schools would thrive and with time, IF NCDC stops the seeming-exponential formula, COVID-19 in Nigeria would be a history in Nigeria. But first, we need to stop lying to ourselves. Lets all observe some moments of truth, look back, along the dotted lines and take the toll. Open our Schools with the basic guidelines that has survived us for all the hours the Covid-19 started and query the affairs of NCDC.



To the Youth Loving Governors of this Federation, especially His Excellency, the Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi (Namesake), if you break this Protocol and show Abuja a sample, Nigerian Students would appreciate. The same way traders and customers troupe out of Ogbete at 4pm is the same way our students would by 2pm. The same way some businesses are open and people freely walk into offices and shops to satisfy wants are the same way our students would walk into the classroom. LEARNING REMAINS THE DIFFERENCE.  We won’t be Sick because we already are sick from idleness. Only God knows how criminal activities weren’t high in our State. But let’s not dare Mischief, the goddess of fickle Fate, lest we bow to worship her doom and catastrophe.

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