German company, Siemens, has signed a pre-engineering contract for the expansion of Nigeria’s electricity grid capacity.

Here’s a breakdown of the deal between Nigeria and Siemens in seven simple ways:

1..Siemens will upgrade and expand Nigeria’s transmission and distribution infrastructure.

2..The company has also been tasked with the job of improving access to affordable, efficient, and reliable electricity for Nigerians in a way that supports industrial development and economic growth for Africa’s most populous nation.

3..Siemens has been asked to expand Nigeria’s electricity power grid to 25,000 megawatts (MW) between now and 2025.


4..Nigeria’s current power grid capacity stands at 8,000 MW; with an average of 4,500 MW reaching consumers at the best of times.

5..In Phase 1 of the deal, Siemens will increase the system`s operational capacity to 7,000 MW. In this phase, Siemens will also train Nigeria’s electricity workers.

6..Phase 2 will target the remaining network bottlenecks and bring the grid’s operational capacity to 11,000 MW.

7..Phase 3 will develop the system up to 25,000 MW in the long-term. This includes upgrades and expansions in both generation, transmission and distribution.