Governor Fayemi Can Still Do Better In Uplifting Ekiti State To The Next Level, Never To Deprive The Ekiti State Civil Servants Of The Dividends Of Democracy In Ekiti State – By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph



In a true land of honour, such society should have to be recognized for notable achievements by great men who are enriched in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and brilliance. How come! In Ekiti state, the current situation is left behind.



The management of employees in a reasonable organization suppose to be the cause of pride, because the staffs are the strength of a reasonable organization.


The recent lamentation of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in conjunction with other government staffs society body in Ekiti state, most especially the cries from the medical practitioners has been the trending news in Ekiti state.


Some months ago, it was never a rumor that the unions of a medical practitioners for Ekiti state chapter threatened the Ekiti state government with an indefinite strike for not been taken good care of, the civil society comprises of the Ekiti state chapter of National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), Medical and Health Worker Union of Nigeria (MAHWUN) and Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP) which comprises of pharmacists among others.


Some of their complaints are based on nonpayment of arrears and salaries, and they foresee the state government trying to make some reductions in their salaries without remitting the cut off proportions to appropriate purses such as co-operative society.



Some of them claim to have been broke, not to have the substance to feed their families with three square meals and find it difficult to balance back to their financial status.


A government that fails to maintain a perfect relationship with civil servants is completely a failed government maybe that is the cause behind the Hon. Commissioner of the Health of Ekiti state, Mrs. Yaya Kolade promising to take the rightful step against their threat in the month of June.



Toward the end of July, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Joint Negotiating Council of Ekiti State Chapter compel the Ekiti state government to pay their outstanding salaries, allowances, and pension arrears of their members; failure to comply may lead to an indefinite strike by their members.


The Ekiti state 2020 budgeted 36% of the total budget which has been set aside by the administration for governance and employees management with a sum of 45,000,000,000 naira out of the total budget of over 124,000,000,000 naira.

Mostly, many citizens of Ekiti state are not happy, and they cannot keep their mouth shut against any danger from afar. In the midst of COVID-19 they cannot stop lamenting over glaring hardship in Ekiti state and persistent increase in the price of many commodities including the increased cost of transportation in Ekiti state.


Aristotle says:  “the best good for the men, is too secure the men’s happiness”. If the past government administration in Ekiti state has been performing woefully to take good care of the Ekiti state civil servants, I hereby urge Governor Fayemi to erase such bad history and to take the appropriate procedure to allow every Ekiti state civil servant to enjoy the dividends of democracy on his behalf.


I believe Ekiti can still reclaim back his lost glory and to restore its noble name as a true land of honour.









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