On Oct 6, 2020, videos from Lagos monarch, Oba Akiolu’s palace went viral on social media. In it, hundreds of civilians were packing marked food items from a giant stack. These provisions were donated by CACOVID, a charity organization working with the Federal Government and World Health Organization to lessen the impact of Covid-19. The items were to be distributed to Nigerians as pandemic palliatives but they had been hoarded here.

These trending videos invited more people and in no time, the store was cleared. Reports state that the King’s staff of office also got stolen. The sack of Oba Akiolu’s palace inspired a chain of synonymous reactions. The video inspired more people to invade government offices & warehouses in Lagos and in other places like Jos, Ilorin, Ede. A Lagos Politician whose house also got invaded claims ‘he was planning to share the items on his birthday’ which was to come up two days after his home got invaded.