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Spotlight: Suliamon Ademola Creates Digital Surrealist Paintings That Celebrate African Beauty

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Spotlight: Suliamon Ademola Creates Digital Surrealist Paintings That Celebrate African Beauty




Image courtesy of Suliamon Ademola.




Get familiar with the work of Nigerian visual artist Suliamon Ademola.

In our ‘Spotlight’ series, we highlight the work of photographers, visual artists, multimedia artists and more who are producing vibrant, original work. In our latest piece, we spotlight Suliamon Ademola, a Nigerian visual artist, using digital mediums to paint dream-like portraits of Africans. Read more about the inspirations behind his work below, and check out some of his stunning paintings underneath. Be sure to keep up with the artist on Instagram and Facebook.




Image courtesy of the artist


Briefly describe your background as an artist and what led to you creating art.


Genius Art Illustrator: My name is TAWOSHE SULIAMON ADEMOLA (Genius Art Illustrator).I am from ogun state(Abeokuta).I had my primary school education at “Ecowas Group
of Schools”,Lagos state.I had my secondary school education in Dunamis Group Of Schools,Alagbado Lagos.I have always had lovely interest in Arts(writting as seen my
instagram account D-Genius art05 also fb oluwapelumi t ademola ) after my secndary school i went fully into ART STUDY at “TALENT ART KINGDOM” in alagbado lagos state

I have always love arts right from my primary school ,then i create time for sketching, painting,colouring, drawing. Arts is what i love so much and i have so much
passion for it.My mode of work are always unique,special,and dynamic.
As an Artist,i define arts in so many ways:
1. The concious production or arrangement of sounds,colors, forms, movements,or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the
production of the beauty in a graphics or plastic medium.
2. A recreation of reality according to the artist’s metaphysical value judgement.
How i started “Arts” following the instruction of my Mentors
I started creating arts since i was in primary school, then i was 7,then i love to make something special like making different kinds of unique art works.
i also hav close by buddy who use to thrill me with drawing then but in my secondary school days i met a senior, Olamide Felix [HOLLY] who is a great Artist.
i learnt alot from him then to his boss named Baba Talent the [CEO OF TALENT ART KINGDOM]but before going there i had to go learn graphics.When i was down,
i di devoted all my time in Createive Art in the same studio called TALENT ART KINGDOM.
In addition to that, i also move closer to a great boss who taught me how to make 3D unique artwork immediately after my graduation.
Well actually, at times i do dream and check what’s going on around me then i will work on it.And again,i so much love abstract drawing.When i was learning,
that is one of the work i love the most and it so easy to come up with.


Image courtesy of the artist



What would you describe as you work thus far?

Genius Art Illustrator: My best work? Wow i would say i am stil working towards that.My best works are yet to come.I always put my best in everything i do concerning my work.I also


put in my feelings,message,ideals,opinions and emotions into my paintings.Great is my gratitude towards my family,friends and fans and all my intructors
[mentors] who have been very supportive of my career.



Image courtesy of the artist


How do you decide who or what you’re going to paint?

Genius Art Illustrator:The main information about my art works is all about me.First of all,my inspiration comes from God Almighty.My paintings could be from
music,reflection of light,splashing of colours,life drama [experience]and societal issues;all of these brings me fresh images,new effect,skills and abstract mode of drawing.

With the words of wisdom from my studio,boss,sisters, parents,uncle and numerous people,my faith stood firm in Art.



What are the central message or themes underpinning your work?

Genius Art Illustrator:I also have failures too.I have faced alot of challenges which keeps me going in my career.Some of them are lack of materials, money and location but
thank God am getting there.Yeah i give glory to God because i am about to open my own studio for full business as soon as i complete the necessary things needed.
So your ideas and support is highly needed.I have also visited alot of “Art Studio” and met alot of artist that have spice up my career with alot of things.

Image courtesy of the artist




What’s the title of my painting

Genius Art Illustrator:I can’t i have a specific way of painting my artwork i use whatever partern my spirit goes for at that time.I have alot of experience about Art Works
and various artist but i choose to be called “Genius Art Illustrator”because i possess extraordinary intelligence and skills.I have a great mental capacity about music,art,
science etc.
I once drew an image it is shown above.It is titled “FASHION AND SUFFERING”This artwork is pointing to African countries present situation.Africa might not be financially
or but we are unique so,the dark side of this image talks about the real suffering of our countries while the reflection is something flashy[Fashion]but inside the young
lady which represent the african countries is in pain.
Though we look cool,nice and presentable outside but 80% of us are not really okay inside.So i beg our government to make the wealth circulate to eradicate
poverty and fake life.I crave for the best and may God bless us all.

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