Spotlight: Ayoola Idris Creates Digital expressionist Paintings That Celebrate African Beauty




Get familiar with the work of Nigerian visual artist Ayoola Idris .

In our ‘Spotlight’ series, we highlight the work of photographers, visual artists, multimedia artists and more who are producing vibrant, original work. In our latest piece, we spotlight Ayoola Idris, a Nigerian visual artist, using digital mediums to paint dream-like portraits of Africans. Read more about the inspirations behind his work below, and check out some of his stunning paintings underneath. Be sure to keep up with the artist on Instagram and Facebook.





Can you tell us about your background & when you started painting?

My name is Ayoola Idris Ayobami, I was born in Lagos state, on 20th of October “94. I grew up in Agege – a suburb of Oko Oba. I attended Lagos Baptist Senior School, Ile Epo.
My parents are traders and I appeared to be the last born of my family, which gives me freedom to explore my talent.
I started painting at age fourteen at an Art Shop, along the street of Orile Agege. My first model was a fuji icon – Obesere, painted on a wood, gloss and acrylic paint, 2008.
After my graduation at the Art Shop in 2014, I gained admission into College of Yaba Technology in 2016, where I obtained my National Diploma in Painting and fine art.


what would you say are the central theme in your work?

Art is an illusion of Reality – my experience, feelings and desire are what shaped my theme, which is Love, Health and Culture.



how do you decide who or what you are going to paint?

Art is an idea from an Artist imagination, dreams and at times feelings. Just as Pablo Picasso says ” inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
For clarity, I was contemplating on creating a mermaid and a little boy at the beach, when I got inspired to create a lady being baptized with palm oil, due to the moment and the look of things happening in the world.



Can you talk about a particular moment or turning point in your life that made you want to pursue art or a creative path?

Smile, I am not pursuing Art…it’s a part of me, I mean my destiny to be fulfilled.
Apparently, there was a moment or let me call it a turning point where I started painting more artworks rather than portraiture. It was 2018 while in school, my first participation in an Art Competition – Life in my City Art Festival ( LIMCAF ) which I happened to be amidst the Top 50 Artists in the country, with my artwork title ” Childhood ” a painting about ethnicity.



Image courtesy of the artist.



Image courtesy of the artist.


Image courtesy of the artist.




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