5 Ways To Protect Your Children From Sexual Abuse






The  International World Day for prevention of Child Abuse was launched on Nov 19, 2000 to prevent child abuse.

Child abuse can come in different forms, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, etc. However one of the most common is sexual abuse.

With the rise in the number of children being sexually abused, there’s a need for parents to be more sensitive and cautious.


The culprits of this act are usually those close to the family, those who are meant to protect the children, e.g relations, teachers, gateman, security guard, etc, therefore, the onus lies on the parents to be vigilant at all times.

This post will teach you ways you can protect your child/ children from being sexually abused.


1. Be Actively Involved In Your Child/Children’s Life

As parents, you have to be actively involved in every area of your child/ children’s life. Make them your friends so they can tell you what they’re going through. Be there for them anytime they need a friend. You’ll also be able to take note of any physical and emotional change on them.


2.Give Them Adequate Sex Education

As a parent ensure your children are well educated on what sex and sexual abuse mean. It would help them to know if they’re being abused, violated and what to do. Tell your child that their private parts are called private because they are not for everyone to see. Explain that mommy and daddy can see them naked, but people outside of the home should only see them with their clothes on.



3. Pay Attention To Those They Are Spending Time With

Kids are going to be in situations where they may have one-on-one time with individuals, whether it’s friends, teachers, coaches or sitters.

So how do you not get paranoid with every person your child is with?

For starters, check in with your child in detail after they’ve been alone with someone.

“Keep the line of communication open. It doesn’t have to be in a paranoid way. Just ask, ‘What did you do?’ ‘Did you have fun?’ ‘Who was there?’”

Having such routine conversations will make a child feel OK to tell you if there is ever an incident where they do feel uncomfortable.


4.Choose Their Care-Givers Carefully

Even if you have to hire a nanny or a maid for your children, you have to be very selective and careful so they don’t influence your child in the wrong way. Make sure you don’t choose caregivers in a hurry.


5. Be Informed On What Your Children/Child Get Exposed To

Exposure is also a key part of protecting your children. Make sure you know the kinds of movies they watch, the kind of friends they keep, the kind of books they read and many other things. This would go a long way to protect their children.


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