Problems And Solutions Of Yoruba-Land In 1891 — By Hsm Leguru Ajisa



In 1891, Ijebu elders consult Ifa Oracle to know if coming together as suggested by the white man will lead them to anything good. Oyo empire has surrender and all others Yoruba speaking communities has surrender as well.


The Ifa Oracle of Ijebuland (Iwori Ayoka ) told the elders that ( Oyinbo O ni Lo Koma Shu Saga) Ifa advice them never to allowed stranger to settle among them as nothing good will ever come out from them.


Ijebu elders in their next meeting with the Oyinbo and others Yoruba representative blankly told them that Ijebu as a country will never be part of the signing off their kingdom. What happens after the meeting was force attack by the white man with the help of others  Yoruba Soldiers.


It was a very sad day for Ijebu kingdom as all their Balogun’s lost their lives in that Imagbon War of the year 1891. This year 2021 mark the 130 years of that war  ( Oro Agba ti Ko ba se lowuro, dandan ni Ko se lojo Ale) The war has come and gone and what happens today year 2021, the children of those whom their fathers supported the white man to killed the Ijebus fathers are now saying, to go out of the agreement is the answer but forgotten it’s too late.



The solution is to go back to Iwori Ayoka the Ifa of Ijebuland for consultation on what to do for disobeying his warning and also to sacrifice to the spirit of the Ijebu Balogun’s or else Yorubaland will never get their freedom for 100 years to come. My advice by

HSM Leguru Ajisa




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