5 Damaging Things To Never Say To Your Partner

5 Damaging Things To Never Say To Your Partner
Damaging words to never say to your partner


We it comes to relationships, our partner may not have the same upbringing as we did. Your partner’s parents raised her the way they they wanted their child to be raised. Her manners, his attitudes, the kind of values she has and the way he thinks are all products of their upbringing.

So, inorder to have a smooth relationship, you must learn to understand their character. The things that turns him off and what turns her back on.

Our differences will always cause arguments, but the things we say to our partner have a way of influencing the success of our marriage and relationship. So you must learn how to communicate better and express yourself.
Here are five things to never say to your partner.

Damaging words to never say to your partner

1. “I should never have dated you”


We have certain special expectations from our relationships. We want that full feeling if acceptance by our partner, and they see something in his which will make them always choose us over again. There is always that need to feel soect in the eyes of your partner.
So it deeply hurts and can destroy your partner’s self esteem when you say this.

2. “Why can’t you be mire like him/her”

No one likes to be compared with other other people. To be compare  with other people actually drains us of our uniqueness. To compare you with someone else is telling them that you think the other person is better than them.


3. “Oh yeah, what about you?

Quarrels happen in marriages and relationships. It is inevitable. Conflicts shall abide as long as the relationship involves two people.
If your partner is trying to talk to you about what you did wrong, do not respond and say “what about you”. This sends s message vthat you know the wrong you did but you don’t care. This is a sign that you would rather deflect responsibility.

4. “You always” “You never”

It is easy to unconsciously keep recordy if our partner repetitive behaviouy. But it is important to avoid the “you always ” and the “you never ” phrases as much as possible.
These phrases have the power to weaken your partner’s self esteem, making them feel useless, because the message sent is that they have never done anything right int he relationship, which is not true.

5. “I’m no longer attracted to you”

Telling your oartny who is in love with you that your are no longer attracted to them can be the biggy blow you can give them . This quesy can leave them questioning their entire being. It hurts to the core.



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