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The Right To Choose and Obi Cubana By Chinedum Anayo


The Right To Choose and Obi Cubana By Chinedum Anayo




The term death is as complicated as it is necessary to the human race and the philosophy of life itself.


The general assertion in this universe both previously and presently, is that children are supposed to bury their parents. When death occurs, it leaves the family or any associate perplexed and sometimes numb.


In Nigeria, particularly in the southern region, children tend to give their dead parents or any close relatives a befitting funeral, irrespective of the social or economic status and situation, it is debatably rational and a registered belief. It is often seen as ‘Lavish’ and in most cases unnecessary.


In Oba, located in Anambra state of Nigeria, there was an event which some described as a big party, it was the funeral of the mother of a celebrity known as Obi Cubana, a businessman and philanthropist.


Many critics have called the event a celebration of money and not a celebration of life, disregarding that this was a funeral thoroughly planned. This comes down to the invisible fundamental human right of every human being on earth, The Right to Choose. We humans are often more concerned about the general approval and approach than our personal tenets.


A large number of Nigerians have expressed disapproval of how the funeral was conducted, citing very mild reasons, from the values system to the economics of the country. Some called it a festival and a show of money and further explained that the event showed how Nigerians now worship money. I find this citations rather irrational and irrelevant, what difference would it have made if he had done it differently? How else would he have expressed his love for his late mother?.



Obi Cubana has every right to choose how he he wants to bury any of his family members, in this regard, his late mother. Many celebrities and friends were present and they all expressed their condolences in their own ways. Obi Cubana received cash contributions,  he also received over 300 cows as donations.


These questions about his source of wealth are irrelevant and a show of insensitivity


A fact of life is that every human being works hard everyday to become wealthy and not just earn a living or build an economy. Money well made would be well spent. Obi Cubana and Mike Adenuga are two very different individuals, these comparisons only show the gossip tendency of Nigerians. These two can never do things alike.


There was a big talk about taste and values, I find this talk amusing and pointless, because we all have different tastes and different perceptions of values, the basis of Pluralism in every society should be enshrined on this topic.


Moreover, as patriotic Nigerians, we are expected to train our children in schools in Nigeria and not abroad, but rather the majority view our institutions as inferior and choose to train their children abroad. Every action taken is based on our choices and decisions, let us all learn to respect each others’.

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