7 Dangers of Negative Emotions and How to Deal With It

7 Dangers of Negative Emotions and How to Deal With It



Negative Emotions are Feelings which comprises of anger, frustration, guilt, fear, contempt etc. They are negative response or reactions to situations of affectivity. People react differently to situations. The dangers of negative emotions includes the following:



  1. Negative emotions takes away the power of creativity.


  1. It Causes Low Self-esteem. It means lacking confidence. The feeling of incompetence may arise


  1. Negative emotions causes mental and physical illness.


  1. It also causes mental and physical laziness. This can result to giving excuses for failures.


  1. It Kills Your Relationship With People.

It keeps you away from people including those around you.


  1. It makes you less effective, low performance and stagnancy.



  1. It creates frustration and unhappiness. When negative emotions dominates and dwells in your mind. It will bring frustration and unhappiness into your life.


How To Deal With Negative Emotions.



  1. Choose Your Emotions.

Choose to be happy or unhappy. You can do that by withdrawing yourself from situations that can affect your state of mind negatively


  1. Let Go The Past

Past events has a way of poisoning your mind. It can also make you feel sad, angry or dismayed. Letting the past go is not an easy task. But it is possible when you decide to.


  1. Being calm always can help an individual separate his/herself from situations, something or person that makes you feel bad.


  1. Sharing your emotions with people around you. That will reduce the weight of negative thoughts on mind.


  1. Develop a different view of interpreting situations. Try to make your experiences or situations make you a better person.


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