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5 reasons you should buy ‘Bend-Down-Select’ or ‘Okrika’


5 reasons you should buy ‘Bend-Down-Select’ or ‘Okrika’


There are incredible benefits in buying thrift or used clothes when shopping for clothes.



Thrift shopping has many benefits {stylecaster}

Previously, thrift or used clothes was for poor people, now a lot of people are embracing it and, a lot of thrift sellers are cashing out both online and in the market.


Thrift is usually called ‘Bend down select’ or ‘Okrika” depending on the part of Nigeria you live in.

If you grew up in Nigeria, you have probably passed a man in the market saying ‘Na Mumu dey go boutique’ (only a fool goes to the boutique) as he tries to sell his thrift wares.

Thrift or used clothes are good clothes that belonged to someone else but they no longer wear them.



Sometimes they are even new clothes, some retailers need to get off the shelves to restock.


These are some reasons why you should consider thrift shopping;


This is an obvious reason, but usually, thrift clothes cost less than brand new clothes.


Most times these clothes are clearance sales for low-end clothes like atmosphere, and old navy, or high-end clothes.

You will be surprised at the amazing quality of clothes you would find when you go shopping for thrift clothes.


The process of finding such amazing clothes is like a treasure hunt, you find yourself looking for different unique pieces of clothing. Finding such beautiful and stunning outfits when you go thrift shopping makes you feel great.



If you do not want to have common clothes in the market, then buying thrift would help you buy unique pieces. Then you can think up fun ways to put them together.


There is a concept known as sustainable fashion. This is basically making outfits that would not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Making clothes involves a lot of processes and chemicals that might be harmful to the environment and throwing away old clothes will only fill up landfills and take a long time to decay. By buying thrift clothes we are saving the environment.

Finally, some people get worried about infections when they buy these clothes, soaking, washing and disinfecting the clothes works to get rid of whatever infection.

What are you waiting for? Get to thrifting!



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