The Taliban: Kabul has fallen, now the rest of World cringes

The Taliban: Kabul has fallen, now the rest of World cringes




“Taliban also introduced or supported punishments in line with their strict interpretation of Sharia law – such as public executions of convicted murderers and adulterers, and amputations for those found guilty of theft… The Taliban also banned television, music and cinema, and disapproved of girls aged 10 and over going to school. They were accused of various human rights and cultural abuses. One notorious example was in 2001, when the Taliban went ahead with the destruction of the famous Bamiyan Buddha statues in central Afghanistan, despite international outrage”.



“Pretty Stupid and foolish, absolutely unnecessary”

Those were the initial words that escaped my breath as I learnt of President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

Biden – may have been desperate to bring US soldiers home after brokering a deal in Doha but the cause they fought, what made Afghanistan the country to serve in for many US officers appears defeated.



President Ashraf Ghani has fled probably to Tajikistan while the Taliban are now in full control of Kabul.



For context, the Taliban represents an extremist Islamist group that controlled much of Afghanistan after the Soviet Forces left until they were uprooted from power in 1996 by a US backed force.

At the height of their power, the Taliban banned girls from schools. They executed capital punishments for offences in strict adherence to Sharia law (Kindly refer to the quote above).

Although the Taliban have assured that they will not enforce such tough rules again, the Commanders underground say otherwise.

My fear is not just for Afghanistans but the impact of this on Global terrorism.

Recall after the 9/11 attacks, it was then discovered that the Taliban had helped provide a safe haven for Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network – Although the Doha deal forbids the Taliban from doing so anymore, there are no guarantees now that they occupy power.

Also, the US now looks weak and this would long be a reference point for extremists to persevere regardless of external.

In fact, we must pray that Boko Haram does not draw strength from Afghanistan.



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